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Weight loss in 3 weeks

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Littlepig8834 Mon 03-Dec-18 19:57:22

I've been ill and piled on a few extra pounds in the past weeks. How much could I lose between now and Christmas if I'm strict with my calories and exercise? I feel meh and sluggish so happy to be able to eat veg/fruit and get out running again.
I've got a busy few weeks coming up soon too and my first Christmas do isn't until the 20th so I am control my meals without there being temptation.
I'd love 7lbs but think that may be out of reach!

ILiveInSalemsLot Tue 04-Dec-18 09:18:15

You could lose 6/7lbs in 3 weeks if you’re strict.
Most diets say you can lose 2lbs a week and you can have a larger loss in the first week. Especially if you keep carbs low.

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