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Trying to diet...

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Blankety30 Tue 23-Oct-18 07:20:17


Breakfast - scrambled eggs and chopped cherry tomatoes

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fraggle84 Mon 22-Oct-18 16:38:04

I thought the same as slimming world was £4.95 a week

I think it's cheap At the moment as they've rebranded

Blankety30 Mon 22-Oct-18 15:13:52

Interesting! I didn't want to fork out with the risk of it being s**t haha. I'm so tight .

I also thought it was more expensive than that!

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fraggle84 Mon 22-Oct-18 14:47:49

Have you thought of joining WW?

I'm on my 3rd week and have lost 7lb so far

I do the online only which is £25 for 4 months then if you don't cancel changes to £12 a month after that

I've found it really good, I did slimming world before but I do think I'll lose more on WW as it encourages low carb

ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts Mon 22-Oct-18 14:45:39

I struggle mostly with lunch. I'm in my car a lot, so sandwiches are the easiest.

I need to find a good amount of carb free meals or low carb. I'm lacking inspiration at the moment.

Blankety30 Mon 22-Oct-18 14:23:07

@ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts I love your name btw 😂

I'm constantly saying I'm going to start tomorrow but enough is enough, I NEED to do it. I just really struggle to come up with carb-free meals!

And like you, I always end up hungry!

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ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts Mon 22-Oct-18 14:17:51

I'm in the same situation as you. I'd love to lose a stone. Minimum!

I struggle to cut out carbs, as I find in always hungry

Blankety30 Mon 22-Oct-18 13:24:18

I have a pot of apple and grape for snack today

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Blankety30 Mon 22-Oct-18 13:23:25

I also drink 2-3 cups of tea or coffe a day

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Blankety30 Mon 22-Oct-18 13:21:51

I would like to lose around 1.5 stone but I am stuck in a very carb heavy diet. Any help and suggestions would be helpful!

Today I've had:

Breakfast -plain weetabix (2). Breakfast I often skip but if I do have it it's normally bread based!!

Lunch - prawn salad (lettuce sweet corn cucumber tomato and carrot). This would usually be a sandwich but I'm now going to avoid bread

Dinner tonight - typically would be shepherds pie and veg or spaghetti bolognese

Snack is normally a chocolate bar which of course I'm cutting out.

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