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losing weight without support from family

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MinaPaws Mon 20-Aug-18 23:25:03

I know it's up to me. I have very weak self-discipline. But DH just keeps buying crisps and biscuits and ice cream. The house is always full of rubbishy treats. And though I ask him not to he just keeps on doing it, Not good for DS2 either, who is a bit chubby and unable for medical reasons to do much strenuous exercise for the next two years.

I'd love to hear from anyone who's found ways to just stick to their own diet plan no matter what the house is full of.

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MinaPaws Tue 21-Aug-18 15:53:16

bumping. Please tell me someone has got their heads round losing wieght while the rest of the family hoover up cake and icecream every day.

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fishonabicycle Tue 21-Aug-18 17:13:38

Can you not ask your husband to just buy what he wants to eat? So enough for him, but not you or your son?

worstmotherintheworld Tue 21-Aug-18 17:26:06

You have my sympathy, I have been in similar situation and found it hard. To be honest it would probably be easier if the whole family ate healthy food - such as the Slimming World type of eating plan. Who makes the food generally? If it's you then you could arrange for the bulk of what your family eats to be healthy. If you make healthy food that's very filling (piles of veg, salad, protein, wholemeal carbs) then maybe your DH and DS wouldn't tend to eat so much of the sweet stuff.

TerryTucker Tue 21-Aug-18 18:31:19

I did do it with some fasts where I just stopped eating altogether. People get very uneasy I find if they know you're dieting or trying to take control of life.

Unfortunately my will power only seems to last so long. Good luck to you ☺️

DianaT1969 Tue 21-Aug-18 18:41:49

That's hard and I would struggle. When you ask him not to, what reason does he give for continuing? Does he eat a lot of snacks himself when he gets home from work. Is he generally clueless on nutrition? Or he doesn't believe you will really lose weight?
I can only suggest that you tell him to stop for 1 month. That he owes you that respect. During that month he'll see you eating small, healthier portions of food without snacking - same for your DS. Towards the end of the month ask him if he wants to sabotage your efforts again. Preventing diabetes and other illnesses for his children (not to mention bullying which we know unfortunately happens) is his duty as a parent. I wouldn't be impressed if he brings rubbish snacks into the house at the end of the month.
Read up on carb wirhdrawal on the Diet Doctor website OP. It's best to know in advance what to expect when you reduce sugar. Good luck

buggerthebotox Tue 21-Aug-18 19:22:53

I hear you. My house is the same.

I have a sweet tooth so I buy something sweet just for me which isn't too high in calories. I quite like individual jellies (50 cals).

I also LURVE Liberte yoghurt. 67 cals a pot and satisfying enough to keep me out of the "crap" cupboard.

If I can't resist, I just have some crap and count it into my 1200 allowance.

MinaPaws Thu 30-Aug-18 17:05:35


Thanks for all the replies. There's some really good advice here. I really can't change what DH does - he's very set in his ways. I have tried to talk to him about DS but he just listens and doesn't buy anything for a day or two then as soon as DS asks if we have any snacks, he goes out and restocks.

Having fast days could really help. Easier to eat nothing than to have a small amount of trigger food.

And I could get hold of some lower calorie sweet stuff. Jelly is great idea so if they are all scoffing biscuits then there's something healthier that will keep me (and maybe DS too) on track.

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lovesugarfreejelly63 Thu 30-Aug-18 17:20:19

Mina, as I sit writing this there is a large box of Celebration chocs not a foot away from me, my hub over the last few weeks has bought, cakes, scones, biscuits etc., and slowly working his way through them. I have been on a diet for three weeks now and resisted all temptation, I keep thinking about the suit that I hopefully will be able to wear again soon, that's my motivation.

MinaPaws Thu 30-Aug-18 18:38:23

lovesugarfree - I need to develop your willpower!

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lovesugarfreejelly63 Fri 31-Aug-18 06:33:40

Mina, I didn't reach the weight I am through willpower! Week 3 of my weigh in, dread going, dread the look on the consultants face, however, needs must onward and upward.

MinaPaws Fri 31-Aug-18 16:16:18

good luck, lovesugarfree. At least you know you are doing something about it.

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lovesugarfreejelly63 Fri 31-Aug-18 17:11:49

Week three of weigh in, lost one and a half pounds, seven and a half pounds in total, am pleased but must not become complacent! Thank you Mina for support.

MinaPaws Sat 01-Sep-18 16:39:35

That's really good. That's steady progress. In another three or four weeks, you could have shifted a whole stone. What programme are you following?

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lovesugarfreejelly63 Sun 02-Sep-18 06:59:42

Going to Slimming World, so far so good, the class is very supportive. (another bar of chocolate has just appeared in my fridge, now who put that there)?

beela Sun 02-Sep-18 09:17:55

My DH is very slim and insists on having high calorie snacks in the house. Ds is very sporty and always hungry. I also love baking so our cake tin is always stocked!

I lost 3 stone last year doing no-s, and have kept it off.

It was about mindset for me. Realising that I could say no it as a revelation! So for example we all stopped off at a cafe yesterday while we were in town. DH, DS and DD each ordered a drink and a cake. I had a cup of tea (and a bite of everyone else's cake! But not one of my own). Previously I would have had a hot chocolate and a cake. Similarly the biscuit tin at work.... I told myself that it is now dead to me so not even an option.

DaisyChops Mon 03-Sep-18 13:31:36

OP I feel your pain, my DH is the same except I do all the shopping so I try to buy him chocolate bars and cakes that I don't like and so won't tempt me! For example DH likes dark chocolate and I can't stand it!

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