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Can I actually do this and still eat??

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Gemi33 Sun 05-Aug-18 08:30:29

Hi everyone,

I am so fed up of worrying about my weight constantly and feeling terrible about myself. The majority of the weight went on in quite a short period of time due to medication I was taking which I have recently stopped. I am now the heaviest I have ever been. None of my clothes fit and I have no energy. I am constantly starting diets and giving up. Despite being completely miserable I can’t seem to get motivated. I feel like such a failure.

I am going on my first holiday in years in November and I was so desperate to lose weight before and actually feel good about myself and properly enjoy it but then I got ill and now I’m bigger than ever and feel like it might be too late to make much difference. Because the weight went on so quickly it feels like losing a pound here and there won’t be very motivating and after a long time I won’t even be back to what I was not that long ago. For that reason I thought a VLCD might be the way to go so I ordered the products (basically shakes) – the problem is, the products make me feel sick and I can’t face them. Plus I was going to the gym but have even less energy without actual food – I end up craving tuna salad!

I just don’t know what to do now. I’m trying to make a plan today, I just don’t want to go on like this. Could I actually lose a decent amount before November by eating actual food? Or is the only way to exist on shakes only? Does anyone have any tips, suggestions or success stories? I don’t know what to do anymore!

Thank you xx

Westwing1 Sun 05-Aug-18 11:34:29

Hi Gemi33, don't be upset, you need a plan and some specific goals, personally I like the Blood Sugar Diet, it is 800 kc a day so you can see results fast especially in the first month which is very motivating, it's low carb and Mediterranean style food. It is proper food, so you feel well on it. I am not an expert but you could look it up if you fancy trying it. There is a very supportive active BSD thread no 12 in fasting 5:2 (I think and I don't know how to link!). I have lost 18 lbs this year (7 more lbs to my goal weight) despite going through the menopause and being honest drinking wine when I shouldn't. (I rarely exercise so this is all diet) and I honestly enjoy the food. My friend does Weight Watchers and enjoys the real life regular meetings, so it's all horses for courses. Do write down goals and maybe have a favourite pair of jeans/dress you want to fit in. Good luck.

FATEdestiny Sun 05-Aug-18 11:42:27

Could I actually lose a decent amount before November by eating actual food?

Of course you can!

I started eating healthily in January and was loosing a steady stone a month for the first 5 months. As the 7th month if the year just ended, I've lost 6st 8. All eating normal food, just keeping it healthy and wholefood, not processed.

What is your current weight? Because big losses come with higher start weights. I was 17st 8.5 at 5'3 - so 7st 7 to lose to get to thy BMI. But even if you're not as big, decent weight loss is doable. In July I've gone from 11st 12 at the start of the month to 11st 2 at the end - so 10lb off isn't your be sniffed at when your BMI is in the 20s already.

I don't follow any commercial dieting plan, just common sence. I make everything from scratch and so only by wholefoods rather than anything processed. Most dinners and lunches involve lean protein (pulses, chicken, sometimes quorn, fish, low fat beef or lamb etc) and at least 3 full portions of vegetables to fill me up.

My only "treat" is Sunday Dinner- the only time potatoes are cooked with the roast and we have a proper pudding. Aside from that every single thing I eat is wholegrain and healthy.

I didn't plan to stop eating bread, but I have because my meals are just protein and veg. No bread means less carbs and also no butter (which is high calorie). I also don't cook pasta meals but we do have occassional rice - only once or twice a week though. And no obvious sugar - none in my tea/coffee, so sugary food like cakes, biscuits, chocolate, sweetened yoghurt etc.

Breakfast I have after my run (I have started running and now run 5-10k every single day) and is usually porriage and protein powder or greek yoghurt and fruit.

If you put your mind to it, I'd say it is easily doable to lose 2-3 stone between now and the end of October. You need to make that commitment to lifestyle chance though, not just play at it here and there. Otherwise you will just be on the 1lb loss a week levels. There is nothing wrong with slow, steady weight loss, it is healthy. But you see significant losses you have to make significant changes to your lifestyle. That doesn't mean pretend food (like shakes) or ridiculous processed "diet" food (that won't teach you to change your lifestyle). It means

- learning to cook from scratch
- learning what a balanced and healthy diet looks like. So understand micronutrients and calorie values.
- eating in the way a slim and healthy person would, in terms of calories consumed verses calories used and portion control.
- knowing that being healthy means also keeping your heart healthy with regular cardio exercise (that makes you sweat and ought of breath, for half an hour) several times a week.

Theperfectchangeling Sun 05-Aug-18 11:43:52

Listen, I dont know what your goal weight is, but I have lost 2 stone in 90 days on Weight watchers flex and by walking 10k steps a day, it’s not my final goal weight, but it has made a significant difference to both how I look and how much energy I have already! with a concerted effort on a suitable plan you could do the same or nearish by november and surely that is better than nothing? I do know the feeling of realising you dont have enough time to get to your ideal weight in time for an event, but this is where being realistic about what’s achievable can make a huge difference and I promise you, it will be worth it! flowerssmile

Set yourself an achievable goal and go for it wink

CiderwithBuda Sun 05-Aug-18 11:54:12

Completely agree with setting an achievable goal. I have a November ‘deadline’ too. A party with some old friends and a holiday with some others. I don’t really want to say dieting but I have been serious about dieting since end of May. I still drink too much wine but not as much. I am using My Fitness Pal to track food and stick to a calorie limit. And I’m walking. Lots. I’m almost a stone down and that is with a ten day holiday where I re-gained almost 4 pounds and lost it again.

I’m aiming for 7 pounds off a month. Not always achievable but I figure it’s a good aim. We are going away again for ten days in Tuesday but I’m planning lots of walking and being relatively sensible with food. Ive had my proper holiday - this is just a trip away!

When we get back I might try the BSD as I like the look of the food. Exactly how I want to eat - low carb Mediterranean.

So find something you can stick with. Exercise. I’m finding walking so good I’ve become slightly obsessed! Love my Fitbit and getting lots of steps in.

Gemi33 Sun 05-Aug-18 12:18:06


Thanks for the lovely replies. I think I've sort of forgotten how to eat healthily if that makes sense. I am currently 5ft 3in and 14st 4lbs. I know that anything would be better than nothing but I think because I've been so much smaller in the past, a 2 stone loss for instance, feels like I will still be way too big. I know I shouldn't be so 'all or nothing' - that's something I really struggle with. I have tried weightwatchers before but it wasn't really for me. I don't really eat bread or potatoes but I do like pasta so maybe that should go.


Westwing1 Sun 05-Aug-18 12:19:01

Some great advice here, I am going to take it on board for my own goals. I think FATEdestinys comment about not playing at it here and there is bang on for great weight loss success.

missnevermind Sun 05-Aug-18 12:25:57

Mine is much the same as FATES
I eat a VLCD but with real food no shakes. It has evolved to no carbs no sugar and in my case very little dairy.
The key will be to find an exercise that you enjoy. The trick is to just keep moving.
And the big picture comes in little steps. It won’t be overnight, but you have to start somewhere and one or two pounds and then half a stone is the way to go.

CiderwithBuda Sun 05-Aug-18 12:43:20

Definitely look at what FATEDestiny has to say. She has done amazingly well. But she has really worked at it.

I read Lisa Reilly’s book The Honesty Diet and another one called Memoirs of a Former Fatty which is free in Kindle I think. What I took from both of them is that is not easy, there are no quick fixes, it will take time and sometimes you will slip u, go on holiday, have a night off that turns into a week or a month. But you keep going.

Went went on holiday mid July. I had started MFP in May. I knew I would lose all of the weight by the holiday. And in the past I would have just thought sod it I will start after the holiday. But not this time. I tracked calories. And started walking. And had lost almost a stone when we went away. I didn’t look any different I don’t think. But I definitely felt it. And I continued walking while away. Ate what I wanted pretty much but did lots of walking.

So even if you don’t lose a huge amount you will lose something and look and feel better.

Gemi33 Sun 05-Aug-18 12:56:51

FATEdestiny- do you count calories at all or is it just the type of food you keep an eye on?

Westwing1 what are your goals?

CiderwithBuda Sun 05-Aug-18 13:06:07

I knew I would NOT lose all the weight! Must proof read!

FATEdestiny Sun 05-Aug-18 13:35:22

I am currently 5ft 3in and 14st 4lbs. I know that anything would be better than nothing but I think because I've been so much smaller in the past, a 2 stone loss for instance, feels like I will still be way too big

To be blunt with you, you will still be way too big with a 2 stone loss.

You are the same height as me. Your BMI is over 35. You are well into being obese. A 2 stone loss will put up still in the obese category, just, with a BMI around 30.5. To have a healthy BMI of under 25 you need to weight 10st 1 or less. So you have more than 4 stone to loose.

That's where you are. A 2 stone loss will get you nearly half way there. A 2st 3 loss will get you out of the obese category- something you celebrate.

I was 14st 4 on 2nd April (the week I started C25K as it happens). I'm the same height as you, which is why I can quote you sell these figures - it's the same weight loss trajectory as me.

We are almost exactly 3 months on from the time I weighed 14st 4. I currently weigh 11st 1 - dress size 12/14. I am proof that a 3 stone weight loss is possible between now and 5th November (3 months from now) by eating real food and exercising. Carry on after your holiday and you could be 10 stone by Christmas.

I know I shouldn't be so 'all or nothing'

Why shouldn't you? There's nothing wrong with having an attitude that says "I'm going to do this once, do it well, and go into it with 2000% focus"

I occasionally look into these VLCD threads, where people stop eating normal food and live off highly processed non-metal foodstuffs instead of actually educating themselves on food.

Without wishing to sound like a smug arse (but awear that I do) I have faster weight loss than most on these types of meal replacement diets. I've even have faster weight loss than many on the gastric surgery thread (where they've had a stomach bypass or sleeve). Yet

• I am never hungry
• I eat nutritious meals with proper, non-processed foods.
• I eat meals that my children (aged 4, 8, 13 and 14) and DH are also happy to eat and genuinely enjoy.
• I've not cut out any food groups
• I (we) try new foods and recipes often, as well as having old favourites.
• I eat 6-8 veggie portions per day, plus 1 pulses portion, plus 1-2 fruit portions. Forget 5-a-day, it's 8-10 full portions a day in our house.
• I understand the composition of my meals in detail (in terms of both ingredients and micronutrients) and how that affects my energy and hunger levels through the day. I know the food I need to not be hungry and give me the energy I need to run.
• I have a genuine understanding of what a "treat" is rather than expecting multiple treat foods per day/week/month.

I am definitely an all-or-nothing type of person. And very happy with that.

Westwing1 Sun 05-Aug-18 13:35:52

Hi, my goals are (1) to get my BMI down to 20 by 1st September. My current BMI is 22. At my heaviest I was 25.5 on 1st Jan. I use the NHS calculator, I am small boned and it works for me but definitely doesn't suit everyone. (2) clear out my wardrobe when I reach goal on 1st Sept, hurrah (3) maintain this weight and start lifting weights (good for older women apparently) (4) smarter hair cut when I feel braver (5) someone to comment I look good and have lost weight other than DH as to date no one has noticed as to be fair it's been a bit slow grin, there have been weeks I have gone off plan. I am 5ft 5 and was 8 stone all through my 20s to mid 30s without a blip so I think aiming for 9 st is sensible and very doable. For me it's about staying away from wine, cheese, crisps, bread, pasta and potatoes, that simple (I don't have a sweet tooth). I love fish, chicken, steak and tonnes of veg, I cook with butter and olive oil and have small amounts of feta, almonds, peanut butter. If you can find your mojo and get excited about weight loss it could be fun. I had no real excuse for gaining weight but you had real health reasons so should be kind to yourself.

FATEdestiny Sun 05-Aug-18 13:43:30

FATEdestiny- do you count calories at all or is it just the type of food you keep an eye on?

I didn't initially. For the first 5-6 months (5-6 stone) I just ate healthy food. My portions were big, because I was big. But the food was all healthy so I didn't mind having more of it.

Over the last month or so, my rate of weight loss has slowed from 3-4 lb every week to 1-2lb. I assune that's because I'm getting close to a healthy weight now, so my calorie deficit is going to be less as I get smaller.

But when I noticed this happen, I then started calorie counting. It has helped me have a better understanding of cal in v cal out and micronutrients (I use my fitbit to log exercise and food diary) and helped me understand how and why my rate of weight loss slowed.

PinkHeart5914 Sun 05-Aug-18 14:07:10

Yes you can absolutely lose weight by eating actual food! Portion size and exercise are the key I have found on the 3 times I’ve needed to lose baby weight after the births of my dc.

Download yourself my fitness pal or use a note book and log everything you eat, and weigh your food. Even if you only do this for 2 weeks it can be so useful. A lot of people have lost sight of what a portion of say rice actually looks like so weighing out food as per the portion size on the pack can be so helpful until you can do it by eye.

Always have extra veg ( I.e broccoli, carrots as they are low cal) or salad with your evening meal.

You can eat anything you normally would for your meals but just watch the portion size. With some meals you can make swaps too like if you make a chilli have it with broccoli rice instead of normal rice now and then. If you were to have fajitas have 1 wrap and then the rest of the filling you would normally have with some salad instead of another wrap.
Still have your pasta dish just weigh the portion of pasta and have some roasted Mediterranean veg with it as a side dish to bulk out the meal.

If snacking is your downfall then don’t buy the biscuits/sweets etc or whatever it is you can’t resist, but keep things like apples, oranges, blueberries, baby tomatoes and other healthy snacks available. If your genuinely hungry your eat the healthy snacks.

Eggs are a good shout for breakfast (omelette, egg muffin, poached, scrambled) or porridge (with frozen berries)

Make sure you drink enough as that can also help you feel “full” but if you drink tea/coffee and have sugar start reducing it 1/2 a spoon a cup until you can drink it without sugar

Watch alcohol as it does contain a lot of calories. I only have 2-3 glasses on a Friday & Saturday not the rest of the week.

Exercise when you can even if it’s just walking more often. I run 3 times per week, 1 pole dancing class and walk the dc to park etc often during the week.

I end up craving tuna salad! Absolutely nothing wrong with tuna salad when looking to lose weight. A big salad, I mean let’s face it nobody ever got fat eating lettuce, rocket, spinach, cucumber, radish, cherry toms, grated carrot, Pepper did they? Then add either a tin of tuna or a fresh tuna steak, I find a squeeze of lemon & some chilli flakes makes a nice tuna.

On a normal day (i.e not a birthday or trip out) like today I will eat

Breakfast 2 poached eggs, 2 grilled bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes. Few cups of Coffee with dash of milk but no sugar.

Lunch was salad (spinach, rocket, watercress , grated carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red pepper) with 30g of extra mature cheddar grated and some ham, 1 tablespoon of chilli oil. Some strawberries

Dinner spicy chicken and veg rice (my portion will be weighed) with a side of tender broccoli, carrots and peas

May have a mini magnum in the evening or a scoop or 2 of sorbet if I fancy it

Westwing1 Sun 05-Aug-18 14:26:49

Forgot to say my waist measurement is also something I track, it was a very unhealthy 37" and is now 32", my goal is 30". Also agree with keep a food diary including your drinks and I use a very basic free app that tracks my weight and goal, good to see it going down and closer to goal. Also agree with eggs being a great shout and I eat lentils (precooked v easy from packets or tins) too. Bet you could lose a stone in August easily if you knuckled down and committed. I am much happier slimmer. Clear your cupboards, menu plan and grocery shop sticking to the plan.

Gemi33 Sun 05-Aug-18 14:29:50

Some great ideas here, thank you again. I have been out and done a food shop and have set up a notebook to write down what I eat. I am planning meals for the week, breakfasts include things like overnight oats, porridge, fruit and greek yoghurt; lunches and dinners include salads, soups, stir fry with BNS noodles, quorn, fish and steamed vegetables. I'm vegetarian - does this sound ok for a start? I want to drink more water too.

I think one think I need to work on is not focusing on how far I have to go and getting disheartened.


Westwing1 Sun 05-Aug-18 14:36:04

I had less to lose than you but totally understand getting disheartened and feeling overwhelmed, then you just stagnate and can't seem to move forward. Try 7 lbs as first goal, think only of 7 lbs, tick that off and then go for the next 7 lbs. I think you will be surprised how quickly you can lose those first 7 lbs if you take the tips above. Food diary will help. When you get started and see results your motivation will flow. smile

BendydickCuminsnatch Sun 05-Aug-18 14:48:52

This is a good thread. Lots of sensibly advice. Frustratingly for me I only eat stuff made from scratch, healthy cooking, whole foods, mainly vegetables, and I just don’t lose weight. I lost almost a stone doing a meal replacement plan in March, went from 16stone2 (horrific) to 15stone5 and have stayed there ever since. I eat from a side plate rather than a normal plate, don’t have seconds so portions are OK. Going to start leaving a couple of bites of my portion. I exercise (hiit, spinning, 5k, swim) 4x a week so need to do more there. Just disheartening! I am going to Florida in 2 months so really want to crack it. Been trying for 15 years though so 🤷🏻‍♀️ Only time I’ve ever lost weight was for my wedding, didn’t eat anything much and did 2 workouts a day. Don’t know how much I lost, but it was a lot, and was still a size 14! (Currently 16)

FATEdestiny Sun 05-Aug-18 15:26:00

I think one think I need to work on is not focusing on how far I have to go and getting disheartened

The red writing on the attached were the targets I wrote when I first started. A huge, long list of small targets to meet along the way towards my big target.

I'm still working through the list (Just crossed off "6 1/2 stone loss"), so it's ongoing. It makes the large amount more achievable.

I added in exercise targets (in blue) and achievements (in green) once my confidence grew and I was actually losing weight.

This is a living document that lives on my desktop. I update it every Monday and screen shot the first monday of each month. It includes a spreadsheet of my weekly weight and cumulative totals. A few months ago I also added my chest/waist/hip measurement, which I record every fortnight.

It's like going to these slimming clubs, but without the cost grin

AdidasGirl Sun 05-Aug-18 15:36:45

I'm currently on day 5 of Jason Vale Super Juice Me.
Its comprising of no food at all apart from fruit and vegetable juice for 28 days.
I'm doing this to see if it makes a difference to a medical condition I have as from watching the documentarys and reading the books it seems to have had amazing results for people both in terms of weight loss and health issues.
I wish I would of started it when DC was in school though as it's been hard going with DC being hungry every half hour.
Today I've been craving a cup of tea but have stuck to it and had water.
Not for everyone I know.But as I said, I'm hoping it will help with my health issues.
Good luck OP.

Westwing1 Sun 05-Aug-18 16:09:08

Wow FATEdestiny hats off to your organisation, determination and weight loss. Seriously. I think I need to get myself some exercise goals, I am all wobble. Op if it helps my food today is:

1 white coffee
100 gr mushrooms
1 turkey/bacon slice (experiment trying to wean DH and teenager off real bacon) 38 kc

Main meal
Roast chicken
Roast courgettes
Steamed Swiss chard
Roast tomatoes
Roast onions
Roast asparagus
My veg portions are v big as I have always had a big appetite.

Schloer to drink from a wine glass.

CiderwithBuda Sun 05-Aug-18 16:29:40

I love love love FATE’s approach. And have said so on other threads.

FATE your approach inspired me to do similar a few months ago. I made myself a weight loss chart - very simple - bit like a bingo card. And I have exercise goals written in a notebook. I track my exercise every day and my calorie intake. I was tracking exercise calories but have stopped that for now.

I’ll post a pic of my chart. I also have things like under next stone, next half stone, out of obese range, 10% of target etc.

CiderwithBuda Sun 05-Aug-18 16:31:00

This is my chart. I have a few more boxes coloured in now!

Gemi33 Sun 05-Aug-18 16:54:13

I love all the tips and organisation on this thread! I have made a chart to mark off each pound I lose and may also write a list of specific targets, like get below 14st etc.

CiderwithBuda are you following a particular diet or is it simple healthy eating?


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