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Slimming world first week/weigh in advice

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nothingworksforme Mon 25-Jun-18 11:53:07

Hi there,

Just looking for some advice really, I started SW a week ago tomorrow. Before I went to group for the first time to join up I weighed myself in the morning before food, just so I could get an idea of what my starting weight was (10st0.5), as it happens I didnt manage to get weighed in the morning session at SW and then had to go back in the evening and get weighed then, I had been eating all day etc and according to their scales I weighed 3lbs over what I did in morning on mine (10st.3.5). It was my first weigh in today (a day early) and again before I went for my weigh in at SW I weighed myself on my scales (which are accurate) in the morning before food and I weighed 10st0.5, then got to weigh in at SW and I weighed myself there and I weighed (10st.0.5), they say I have lost 3lbs but in my head and by my own weigh ins I havent actually lost anything? Just wondering what everyone else thinks and whether everyone else has also lost nothing at all in the first week?

Just for info I have completely stuck to the EE diet and no slips ups also kept between 5-15 syns a day, so not quite sure what is going wrong : /

Sorry for the lonwinded message but I just feel a bit down about it.


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3stonedown Mon 25-Jun-18 13:24:56

Hi, I am afraid I know very little about slimming world so not sure if anything is going "wrong" but I would view that as staying the same too. It's quite normal to gain 3lb throughout the day so I always weigh first thing in the morning. Please don't get down about it, I'm sure someone who knowing a lot about SW will be along soon but there are many other factors to take in e.g where you are in your cycle, how much you have to lose etc.

Ginger1982 Mon 25-Jun-18 13:35:13

I do SW (well try to) and I think you need to go by their scales as they will be the most accurate.

nothingworksforme Mon 25-Jun-18 13:38:14

Thanks for your replies, I am 2 weeks after my TOTM at the mo, so not sure if it is that. I have 2 stone to lose Im 5ft 1 1/2 so 10 stone shows on me! I have literally tried every diet going and this is my last resort! Hoping next weeks weigh in will be better!

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LizB62A Mon 25-Jun-18 13:57:37

I'd just go by the SW scales and try to weigh in at the same time of day each week.
I go to SW and our consultant prefers us not to weigh ourselves at home as all scales vary
Good luck - hopefully you'll see a good result at your next weigh in smile

nothingworksforme Mon 25-Jun-18 14:20:23

Thank you smile here's hoping!

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