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Pregnancy and dieting

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upsydaisysister Tue 12-Jun-18 10:48:24

I'm 6months pregnant and have already put on 45lbs in this pregnancy. I was a healthy weight before but have definitely put on an unhealthy amount.
I have recently cut the crap and am eating much more healthily. Unfortunately exercise is out the window as I have SPD.
My question is, I know that in the third trimester you are supposed to put on the most weight. I can not afford to do this. I know that guidelines state you need another 400cals a day. If I stick to eating what I'm eating now and do not increase my calorie intake is it likely that my weight will stay the same? Or will my body be holding onto fat?
Ultimately i can't do anything about it but I would really like to maintain some control😩

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CornishMaid1 Wed 13-Jun-18 17:31:41

You will most likely put on weight in the third trimester whatever you do as that is where most growth is happening (the baby is getting bigger etc so weighs more).

However, if you are quite overweight you may not on much. You only need, according to the NHS website, an extra 200 calories a day in the third trimester, which I think it about a slice of bread and butter.

The main thing is to not focus too much on calories as you do not want to restrict your diet and potentially miss out on nutrients. What you want to focus on is eating real whole foods - plenty of vegetables, protein and healthy fats. You need to make sure you are getting lots of goodness in your diet to support you and your baby.

Good luck with your pregnancy x

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