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October deadline - 2stone target

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MrsPlodds Tue 05-Jun-18 23:53:41

..well it's actually 3st but I want it to be achievable. even if it is hard

Fitbit set for 12k steps a day, mfp set for 1200 cals a day. I have no planned events between now and then so no excuses.

Will weigh myself in the morning and I plan to post here to keep me on track and accountable, I've been telling myself for months I'll start dieting but I'm lazy and I cheat, I cannot put it off any longer so hope now it's written down I'll get my butt in gear.

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MrsPlodds Wed 06-Jun-18 10:24:51

So weighed myself earlier and I am exactly dead on 12st, which means if I behave this week I'm guaranteed to go down a stone bracket!

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sola82 Wed 06-Jun-18 21:41:17

I'm dead on 12 stone atm too, looking forward to being 11 something grin

MrsPlodds Wed 06-Jun-18 22:16:39

grin Oo what's your weigh day that sounds like a challenge!

I'm 200 steps off my daily step goal so will be walking up and down the hallway before bed, I'm also under cals however skipped lunch so I could have chocolate so don't think it counts properly..tomorrow I am helping do a bake sale so will have to tape my mouth shut.

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sola82 Fri 08-Jun-18 07:18:38

How did the bake sale go? Hope you managed to resist temptation! My official weight at is Friday, but the 12st weight is from Wednesday so I don't expect to have broken through the stone barrier yet smile
How tall are you? I'm 5ft5.

MrsPlodds Fri 08-Jun-18 20:12:53

I'm 5ft3, I ate the icing off 2 (mini) cupcakes and let my 18 month old eat the sponge (which sounds stingy but she eats enough shit!)

I've hit step goal every day but still eating bad calories not healthy calories hmm I'm not disheartened though as I've never hit his many steps and I've had the Fitbit years.

I'm going to start physically writing down food diary as I think logging on the phone doesn't feel as shaming!

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sola82 Sat 09-Jun-18 09:01:05

Icing off 2 mini cupcakes sounds like a win! You didn't even eat the whole cake! (just the best bit).
I'm not actually logging what I eat, I'm having reduced carbs and only healthy snacks. I had to eat like this when I had gestational diabetes (I'm 9 weeks PP) and I lost a stone in my last 5 weeks of pregnancy (I was obese when I fell pregnant).
When's you're weigh in day? I can move mine.

MrsPlodds Sat 09-Jun-18 18:55:25

Wednesday but I don't mind doing any day either

9weeks pp?! God sit yourself down and have a biscuit! How on Earth do you have the energy to think of weight loss! Lol congrats though I love the tiny stage, goes too quick!

Well I managed a whole mon to fri of hitting step goals, stayed in doing washing all day today though so will have to work on getting weekends organised so I don't stay in pjs most the day! 😂

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sola82 Mon 11-Jun-18 21:17:55

Well done on hitting your step goal all last week! I know what you mean about the weekends, I have to go Mon-Fri to walk DS1 to school, at weekends pyjamas days are very tempting! I'm happy to have Wednesday as weigh in day.
My motivation for losing weight now is to avoid getting type 2 diabetes. I have a 50% chance of getting it in the next 5 years so trying to minimize my risk as much as possible. I found out today that DS1 has hearing loss in one ear. sad don't know if it's temporary or permanent yet.

MrsPlodds Wed 13-Jun-18 07:17:15

Oh no I'm sorry, have they said what the next step is?

I'm also at risk of type 2 if I don't lose weight, I had gestational diabetes with dd and my mum is type 2. I should have gone for a blood test at 12 weeks pp but I never got round to it and my docs are too crap to chase it, I've lost 1st 4 since but need to lose a fair chunk still..talking of I've actually gained a lb! blushangry Aunt Flo is visiting though so I'm not too worried as it will prob drop when she leaves...fx!

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sola82 Wed 13-Jun-18 10:15:34

More tests next week, and a meeting with an ENT consultant sad

1st 4 is great! You've done really well. I wouldn't worry about the 1lb, almost definitely hormones! My body hasn't sorted itself enough for me to have to worry about that at the moment.

I weighed in this morning at 11st11! So nice to see an 11- it's been years 😁

MrsPlodds Wed 13-Jun-18 14:58:31

I'm going to try again on Friday and hopefully see an 11!

And the 1st4 has taken me 20 months! grin as I kept losing and gaining the same 5lb over and over. I'm done with it though as will be 10 something by my birthday! I promise!

That's so hard to tell you news like that then make you wait a week in limbo! But there's so much that can be done now days too I'm sure it's not as bad as I bet you are thinking if they do confirm it thanks

Im going to start the meal replacement shakes again tomorrow I think. Just need to get a better handle on calories so will take the choice away for a week or so!

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sola82 Fri 15-Jun-18 08:07:01

Hope the weigh in goes well today!

BunLovinCriminal Fri 15-Jun-18 08:38:37

Ohhhhh can I join please? I am also 12st, 10 is my target. Am planning on a mixture of slimming world, and 5:2 with 3/4 x Zumba a week. Have been on all inclusive holiday last 2 weeks...have put on at least 7 lbs but luckily I'd lost a bit before I came away. Now to start again!

MrsPlodds Fri 15-Jun-18 19:05:57

Well I weighed again this morning and was still up a lb. not going to give it too much thought though just keep plodding onwards.

Welcome @BunLovinCriminal don't they say quickly on quickly off so sure the holiday weight will come in no time!

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MrsPlodds Mon 18-Jun-18 07:52:26

How did the weekend go for you both? Saturday I was at working a long shift and forgot to eat, Sunday I felt so sick with hunger on way to my parents we stopped for McDonald's...woops!

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PaulHollywoodsSexGut Mon 18-Jun-18 07:55:57

Hello, going to pop my head in here as I’m on the same plan; I have given myself to Halloween to lose 2st.

This thread has been a good motivator for me so far:

plus I’ve joined Vitality and I’m in line for 50% off eurostar tickets if I keep earning fitness points so I ordered my Garmin yesterday to make sure every step counts!

I’m such a child, only motivated by prizes grin

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