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Is this smoothie bad for breakfast?

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llmb Wed 07-Mar-18 07:11:31

Cut a long story short last year lost 2 stone in 2 months due to trauma, I wasn’t eating a lot. I liked being so slim though but I wasn’t over weight to start with, my belly was nice and flat for once. Anyway weight slowly crept on and after Xmas I weighed half a stone more than my original weight which to me feels too much so I’m trying to lose half a stone.

I can’t stomach much at breakfast but can’t skip it as I get light headed. I have been having a smoothie and this is the only thing that keeps me full until lunch/that I can stomach in the morning before work:

1 banana, 3 dates, 1 tbsp chia seed, 1 tbsp flax seed, 1 tbsp nut butter and then unsweetened almond milk. Is this bad? Iv really cut out snacks and cut down my sugar but my belly is still really bloated. I drink lots of water but can’t do much wxcercise wise as house bound a lot of the time due to disabled dc so I have to excercise at home...

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HuskyMcClusky Wed 07-Mar-18 07:15:17

No, not ‘bad’ at all. I have similar, but with 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries instead of dates, and plain Greek yoghurt instead of the nut butter. These would be lower-calorie substitutions if you’re trying to cut down.

llmb Wed 07-Mar-18 07:18:26

Iv worked it out to about 300 calories? I can’t have too much dairy as it upsets my stomach hence the almond milk so I can’t really add yogurt to it. I could take out the nut butter but I don’t think I eat enough protein (I’m vegetarian)

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LittleBearinaBigWorld Wed 07-Mar-18 10:08:56

Does it satisfy you through til lunch wtithout snacking?

SomeRandomBird Wed 07-Mar-18 10:24:46

Sounds good to me. I have similar -1 banana, 2 tbs oats, 1tbs almond butter, coconut water and cinnamon. Delicious and keeps me full all morning - about 300 cals

llmb Wed 07-Mar-18 12:37:47

Yes it does little it’s the only thing that fills me up. Even proper porridge or eggs etc I still get hungry. I do have my lunch 1230/1pm due to work so that may be early for some. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t snack if I wanted to of course grin but I’m not hungry on it.

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Lifeaback Wed 07-Mar-18 12:38:17

Sounds good to me- no berries or anything that's high sugar and has got lots of nutrients. If you're struggling with feeling bloated, try putting some turmeric in the smoothie- I get very bloated so put a tsp of turmeric in hot water and drink it in the morning (tastes disgusting) and it really helps, it's a natural anti-inflammatory

llmb Wed 07-Mar-18 12:54:36

Iv heard that about tumeric. Can you use just the kitchen spice rack one? I look pregnant (no other health issues Iv been checked!) straight on I look ok ish, but podgy but my belly is round and bloated and gets bigger through the day. I’m trying to cut sugar out completely but at the moment concentrating on cutting back first as cold turkey will make me binge on it blush Iv got in bad habits since Xmas.

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Lifeaback Wed 07-Mar-18 14:56:57

Yep I just use normal kitchen turmeric. Ive always had the same issue, literally from childhood- look pregnant sideways on and it gets worse as the day goes on. I haven't had it investigated but turmeric has definitely helped, I was thinking it could maybe be some kind of intolerance to gluten etc as it gets worse throughout the day however I don't even know how to begin cutting out gluten, and don't want to do it if it's not necessary as it's expensive to buy all the replacements, plus I don't seem to have any other symptoms which would suggest intolerance? With regards to sugar cutting out slowly sounds a better idea, I'm similar in that i know i would probably give up and binge two days in if I went cold turkey!

llmb Wed 07-Mar-18 15:57:05

I definitely have an intolerance to wheat aswell as dairy As it’s much worse and hurts after bread etc so I don’t have wheat unless it’s added/into something like gravy etc

I will try tuneric thank you. How long until you noticed a change do you think? I wouldn’t want to give up too quick if it wasn’t a quick answer!

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