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Loosing weight after pregnancy

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newmum7369 Sun 24-Sep-17 10:24:42

First time mum to DS1, 8 weeks old today smile

Before falling pregnant I lost weight through Slimming World and lots of running and walking. I've put all I lost plus a tad more through pregnancy and really want to loose a bit of the baby weight now. I need to get rid of 2.5 stone ideally but 2 stone would be a good start.

I'm expressing and topping up with formula. I've heard some breastfeeding mums say the weight didn't come off until they stopped bfing, despite the general consensus being that bfing helps you loose weight. I just wondered what people's thoughts are on that and whether anyone has any advice/experience?

Rejoining Slimming World on Tuesday!

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Sasmac2017 Mon 25-Sep-17 08:58:29

@newmum - hey I'll join you!! My DC2 just turned 4 weeks and I've got about 8kg left over that I need to get rid of.
The breastfeeding one is tricky...with my first DC the weight (all85lbs of it) was gone in around 5 months. I exclusively breastfeed, but as I noted on another thread, the weight didn't start falling off quickly until my period returned about 3 months postpartum. It's all hormones
This time around, I gave myself the first week off after birth but since week 2, I've been working out 5x a week. A few power walks with baby in stroller, I walk my son to and from school with baby in a front pack (it's actually hard work, I recommend baby wearing!!), a few strength sessions and at least 1x hiit workout. I'm eating as healthy as I can without counting calories and eating to hunger. I only lost 5kg after birth and an additional 7 in the four weeks since so it seems to be going ok, although I did notice a stall around week 3. I am breastfeeding too. I'll keep an eye on your post, keep me updated on your progress smile

Sasmac2017 Mon 25-Sep-17 09:01:28

Oh and sorry I forgot to add....I think a lot of women overeat while breastfeeding so it negates any affect breastfeeding would have on their weight. I'm a bit opposite....I have a HUGE appetite when pregnant and strangely it really tapers off after birth. My body must store all the fat then it knows it's there to support nursing so my appetite reduces in response!?! Weird....

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