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Struggling to lose it - hormones?

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FearMe Wed 19-Jul-17 08:00:05

My weight is creeping up and up over the last couple of years. I've done a few different programs in that period, one intensive HIIT type gym one with macros and high protein low carb, another with a clean eating approach and regular exercise even if just 30 mins walking daily. Generally I eat pretty low carb and healthily, I do tend to hit the wine at the weekend and would have a treat meal or 2 at weekends, but in my opinion nothing extreme.
I do have an office job so pretty sedentary, but I generally get 10k steps in every day by walking from train to office etc and a couple of days a week I try to get in some additional exercise (so walking roughly 10k by replacing part of my to and from work journey with walking).
Recently got a puppy so that is helping to get us out and walking as a family at weekends also.
However I do feel that no matter what I do, my weight is simply creeping up and up and I feel like shit about myself, my energy is OK but I wake up tired every day.
I am 48 and although I still have mostly regular cycles I do feel that hormones/ peri menopausal vibes are playing a part. Any advice on dietary changes, supplements etc that might balance hormones, help me to drop weight and feel better generally?

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AuntieStella Wed 19-Jul-17 08:08:12

You can lose weight during the perimenopause.

As you are showing symptoms of the perimenopause quite young, I suggest a trip to the GP to discuss HRT. This website might be useful:

In terms of losing weight, it's mainly diet that counts. When I kept plateau'ing, I did two things which made a difference. One was finding a congenial MN weight-loss chat thread. The other was starting to use MFP and really tracking what I was eating. Including portion size.

Cutting out the booze for the time I was actively aiming to lose was another important thing. It saves those empty calories, and stopped the alcohol reducing willpower so I didn't start nibbling.

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