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"Is that all you're eating?"

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Lorelei76 Thu 02-Feb-17 17:47:16

I'm sorry, I know we've had a pet hates comment thread already but it's been a while.... this is my major bugbear at the moment. Quite apart from anything else, I'm short!!

it's an interesting mentality though - I was talking to a colleague from another country and she said when she arrived here - about 10 years ago - she was surprised by the concept of dessert. I know what she means.

I feel it's going really well but key to it is smaller portions in the first place and no desserts - trying to lose my sweet tooth. It's amazing how normal it has become to eat quite a lot, I think. some people clearly are okay with it but I am not because otherwise I wouldn't have got fat in the first place!!

just wondered if anyone else was getting these comments. Also I should say I am not eating tiny portions because I'd starve! Grr.

other first world problem - seen some nice stuff hanging around in the tail end of the sale but hard to buy at this point, doesn't make sense. I gained weight quite fast so there is a nice box of stuff in the wardrobe that I'm probably only 6 weeks or so away from - so I must resist the new stuff!!

CrackersDontMatter Mon 13-Feb-17 13:23:17

I count macros and my mum is constantly questioning me. I don't need protein, I'm lifting too much weight, I'm not doing enough cardio. I should do an aqua class instead of weights, if I have to use weights then I should just use 1kg dumbbells etc etc.

My "diet" is taking over my life - good! I need to change everything about the way I eat and my relationship with food. I just smile and ignore.

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