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WeightWatchers vs MyFitnessPal

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ThunderClouds Mon 02-Jan-17 00:33:48

Happy new year everyone!

I'm hoping for some advice on which app/ plan is more effective for weight loss, the WW online app or Myfitnesspal.

I'm 5'7" and have gained about 3st after starting taking carbamazapine for epilepsy last year and really don't want to gain any more. I think the excess weight exacerbating the other side effects and I've lost some confidence. I have a long commute which would make attending meetings quite difficult hence wanting to try online.

Has anybody tried both or recommend either? Is it easy to stay motivated on Myfitnesspal? I've succeeded on old style WW before now, using the record sheets but not going to meetings. I did, however have weigh ins at the gym I used at the time which helped as I felt some accountability.

Any advice would be much appreciated

Thanks very much smile

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