Anyone doing the Harcombe diet?

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Moonandstarsandback Thu 03-Nov-16 17:47:37

I'm on day 3 of phase 1! Felt so ill with the worst headache for the last few days. It's just starting to ease up this evening. No idea if I'll be able to stick with it, but determined to at least get to the end of phase 1!

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DudeWheresMyVulva Thu 03-Nov-16 17:55:23

Hi again!

No headaches for me, but I am cheating with a glass of wine.

BestIsWest Thu 03-Nov-16 18:03:56

I did it and stuck to phase 1 for two months. Lost 2 stone since April so not super speedy weight loss but I feel so much better.
I'm back on phase 1 this week after couple of weeks holiday.

I loved low carbing but always struggled with breakfast. This allows me to have 50g of porridge oats which means I can stick to it much more easily.

Moonandstarsandback Thu 03-Nov-16 18:45:31

Hello again Dude !! I am jealous of your wine! hmm

Best, 2 months on phase I am impressed! I don't think I could do that!! Although starting to worry about phase 2 next, getting it right! Lol.

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BestIsWest Thu 03-Nov-16 21:13:02

Once I got into the swing of it, it was easy, helped that I had low carbed before and DH was off the booze for health reasons so I had company.

Moonandstarsandback Fri 04-Nov-16 07:07:12

I guess that's true, it's just adjusting to it. At the moment I'm thinking a lot about it all cos I can't remember what I'm doing! grin

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Moonandstarsandback Sun 06-Nov-16 09:07:54

Best, there's another thread we are chatting on. Come over there as it's confusing having two! Although I've been chatting to myself for a day or two gringrin lol

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