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Rate My Day - No Idea What's Normal!

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plutoisnotaplanet Mon 26-Sep-16 10:20:49

I've been overweight my entire life and have no clue what a normal day of food looks like. I am currently 8 stone over weight.... yeah. I've joined weight watchers to learn how to eat healthily in terms of portions and variety through tracking what I'm eating and (hopefully) learning what's normal. I'm also trying to cut out a lot of processed shit from my diet and eat more "cleanly", and also cut down on sugar generally although not completely. I want a balanced, healthy diet in the end with lots of protein.

Can someone take a look at my plan for today and tell me if it's ok? It leaves me with 5 smart points left on weight watchers at the end of the day.

Breakfast - Quaker Oats super goodness Original (flaxseed, red quinoa and barley added to the oats)

Snack - Weight Watchers yogurt

Lunch - Tesco Healthy Living Salmon in watercress sauce ready meal (comes with 3 new potatoes, green beans and broccoli)

Snack - Celery stick with whole earth peanut butter

Dinner - Mackrel fillet in a soy and star anise/ garlic sauce with 60g brown rice and broccoli

*This is all the oily fish I'll have all week, hence 2 meals of it in 1 day.

Is this balanced?


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braceybracegirl Mon 26-Sep-16 10:24:51

I was thinking you didn't have much protein but you have fish and yoghurt. Do you like eggs? They are so filling. Just make sure you are enjoying your food and feel full. Then you won't be tempted to graze on rubbish. I'm not sure how healthy a ready meals sounds but it depends. Can you use your 5 points for a little treat in the evening?

braceybracegirl Mon 26-Sep-16 10:25:44

Peanut butter is protein too just make sure you watch your quantity as it's so fattening.

plutoisnotaplanet Mon 26-Sep-16 10:31:49

braceybracegirl thank you! The ready meal is just salmon, potatoes, broccoli and green beans with a watercress sauce. It's replacing grubby supermarket sandwiches I'd usually have in my lunch break. I normally only get about 20 mins to eat so it has to be fast!

I've weighed out 20g of peanut butter as that's what WW says is a portion, is that about right?

I'm not an egg lover I'm afraid, is there any other grabbable high protein snacks I should know about?

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braceybracegirl Mon 26-Sep-16 10:43:45

Sounds fine! I don't know much about WW. Can't think re protein. Maybe chicken??

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