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Anyone else like this?

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CreepyPasta Sun 14-Aug-16 20:34:48

Went to buy some new work trousers today and had to get them in a size 20 blush

I have no problem eating healthy throughout the day. Typical day would be;

Breakfast - 2 x hard boiled eggs
Lunch - Tuna or chicken salad
Dinner - Chicken/fish/pork with vegetables
Snacks - Don't usually get a chance for a snack at work but if I did it would be an apple

Then the evening comes, even though I'm not hungry I need to eat. It's mindless. Last night I got through a whole tub of Pringles, a large bar of dairy milk and half a pack of hobnobs. It's the same pretty much every night.

I used to smoke and the cravings for crap food are worse than the cigarette cravings used to be.

Has anyone else been like this and managed to stop??

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