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Biscuit Addict,Cake Lover, I need to stop!!!

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Youvegottobekidding Tue 10-May-16 16:24:32

So, I love my biscuits with my cuppas & I'm partial to a fairy cake....but now I realise I need to stop....I've put on about a stone or so somewhere over the last 8-9 months. I'm lazy when it comes to doing any exercise, I don't actually do any, but I'm not idle, I'm nearly always on my feet.

I'm 5'6" & if the scales are right im 11st 2. Last time I weighed myself, which was probably over a year ago I weighed about a stone lighter. I don't carry weight very well at all - I've a very round chubby face as it is and it all sits in my stomach/abdomen - so I look like a egg on legs. I hate it, I have literally a big spare tyre around my middle!

If I could get rid of some of the chubb of my stomach i'd be happier. I use to go to Zumba classes years ago, which really helped after having my 2nd child, I went to class once a week then did it at home 3 times a week. But I'm a bit older now & last thing I feel like doing is Zumba once I've put kids to be! And I don't fancy going back to Zumba classes as no-one I know goes anymore!

I'm going to try & cut down, if not out on the biscuits, cakes (and bread!) 😩 Drink more water & try to find my motivation to get back to sound some Zumba on the wii again!

pollyannahale Thu 12-May-16 17:16:31

Sounds like your blood sugar is all over the place. Try eating more protein & veggies at each meal (Greek yoghurt with berries is a good snack). And green tea is great for cravings - there's flavoured ones if you're not keen too.

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