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Biggest challenge for weight loss

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Kayla100 Fri 29-Apr-16 12:24:18

Hi everybody. I am currently on a mission to find out, what is the biggest and #1 challenge, busy mums are facing, when they want to lose weight. I am in process of weight loss myself and really struggling

What is (was) your #1 single biggest challenge regarding fat loss? And have you found anything that works?

indigo88 Fri 29-Apr-16 18:27:44

Eating to give me energy when I'm over tired and just want to sleep. And the usual, food as a reward. Antidote - very sweet tomatoes.

happydollplease Fri 29-Apr-16 19:17:58

I struggle because I just love food. Lost nearly 5 stone through calorie counting , no time for gym or anything like that.

Kayla100 Sun 01-May-16 03:16:21

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely struggle with eating the wrong things when I'm tired. What would you say contributes to your tiredness the most?

indigo88 Sun 01-May-16 08:12:36

It's a miserable list - I work with adolescents with mental health needs - draining and mostly a thankless task; I lug around 36k boobs so I'm physiological pre-deposed towards weightlifting 16 hours a day; I live with chronic pain so am always on my guide about pain increase; my marrage is crap; I have two teenage daughters and parents in their 80s!

Luckily I don't answer to the name lucky!

Upside! Two arms, two legs and a brain that works. Can see from my rant that good health is premium and maintaining it is not a luxury but a responsibility. So I'm off today to replace trainers and sports bra, stock up on good quality food and NAP when I need to.

What's or who keeping you awake at 3.16 am?

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