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Help I can't stop comfort eating

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Jemster Sat 09-Apr-16 19:39:06

I've always been a petite 10/12 & never struggled with my weight.
Recently I have been feeling unhappy & stressed about some things in my life & I seem to be comfort eating more & more.
I never used to like cakes or biscuits, now I can't stop eating them. I've eaten some of the kids chocolate from Easter as they had so much.
I just feel so down and am sure I
must be creatjng a viscious circle of feeling crap, then eating crap and then feeling more crap!
I just can't seem to sort myself out & now the weight is creeping on & my clothes are feeling tight.

Has anyone else felt like this please?

RunnerOnTheRun Sat 09-Apr-16 20:32:03

EVERYONE at some point has felt like this!! Please don't worry, this is not abnormal. Hormones are hideous things!

You will be fine. Don't stress. Take it as it comes. Start writing it all down in a notebook that you carry everywhere with you. Eat mindfully, do you really want or need it? Get a load of good shopping in, work on your mindset (mindfulness, yoga, happy thoughts etc). You will get through it!

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