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Weight loss competition as motivation?

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mindtheshapes Sun 21-Feb-16 14:21:03

Hi everyone, I'd like to ask for a little advice. As a coach I run online weight loss challenges, mainly aimed at beginners. I'll have one starting in march and I'd like to ask your opinions, I hope it's allowed.

I thought a fairly small group competition is a good idea where everyone would support each other and vote who'd done best, then there would be a 1st and 2nd place or so and they'd win a little money and that would serve as motivation.

Now my question is, is that something that would motivate you to stick to the program or is it more likely to shy you away due to the fact that there is a competition?

Thank you in advance!

RavioliOnToast Sun 21-Feb-16 14:26:38

I would personally shy away, depending on group numbers. If there was 10 in a group of be up for it, with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. But a group of 5 I wouldn't participate in

mindtheshapes Sun 21-Feb-16 14:41:25

Oh no, it's along the 20-25 people upper limit. I think it's a bit of a crowd so anyone can find someone to talk to, but it's not so big one'd get lost in.

TickledOnion Sun 21-Feb-16 15:42:58

We did one at work where everyone pays £1 per week to get weighed. Every 4 weeks the one who lost the biggest percentage of their body weight won the money. Then you start again for the next 4 weeks.
Not sure what you would be voting on for your idea.

mindtheshapes Sun 21-Feb-16 15:57:14

The challenges do cost money as they're sort of an entry level service and they come with meal and workout plans each week, the group setting makes it more cost effective than 1on1 coaching.

I guess my question would've been more accurate if I asked that if you went to let's say a zumba class and the best of the day won money, would that be a motivating class or one that scares people off?

cuntycowfacemonkey Sun 21-Feb-16 16:03:03

No sorry would run a mile from this sort of thing. Great to have support and encouragement but voting and stuff definitely not.

Might be motivating at first but pretty soul destroying for the people who never "win"

SuperMoonIsKeepingMeUpToo Sun 21-Feb-16 17:38:38

The temptation would be to reward rapid weight loss which isn't healthy and rarely maintained.

Titsalinabumsquash Sun 21-Feb-16 17:41:35

Surely though anyone who has more to lose will lose it quicker than someone who only had a few lbs to lose so it's not a fair competition?

I couldn't do it anyway, I have a history of eating disorder and this is just asking for crazy behaviour and pushing myself to be the best in the group by eating nothing and running ever hour I can.

mindtheshapes Sun 21-Feb-16 22:13:14

The point of the challenge is following a healthy meal plan and exercise program and it seemed like a good idea to add a prize as an extra motivation.

I had my concerns, but it just seems like an awful idea at the moment..

mindtheshapes Sun 21-Feb-16 22:18:17

I wouldn't necessarily aim to reward rapid weight loss, rather overall progress in every sense, but I guess that could potentially lead to lying or a negative vibe at the end..

BBQueen Sun 21-Feb-16 22:21:12

I think it's a good idea in theory... Better in real life perhaps? It's difficult to imagine how it would work online

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