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Alcohol - what's best?

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LadyMuck Sat 22-May-04 16:46:11

Off to a party tonight and don't want to blow my good work - what is least calorific (and yet still alcoholic?)

Twink Sat 22-May-04 17:19:04

White wine spritzer if you only have a bit of wine topped up with loads of fizzy water.

Gin & slimline tonic.

Avoid Breezers etc as they have loads of sugar as well as the calories you get from alcohol.

Enjoy it

Piffleoffagus Sat 22-May-04 18:09:23

wine and soda again... sad but true...

LadyMuck Sat 22-May-04 18:52:24

Oh well, I enjoy Gin at least. Thanks for the tip on Breezers, which is probably what I would have ended up having. I'm afraid that I generally find spritzers to be a sacrilege except when pg.

Lisa78 Sat 22-May-04 19:14:09

You only asked this so you could boast that you were off to a party, didn't you?! Not that I am bitter and jealous, I am more than happy to sit and watch Earthquake 10.5, with DH and my plate of tuna salad...

Have a good night, get drunk for us!

Piffleoffagus Sat 22-May-04 19:16:14

lisa there is perfectly good jennifer aniston nausea pic on other channel... almost enough to drive you to spritzers...

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