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I've come to join you

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squirmyworm Sat 15-May-04 09:52:24

hellooo. had the most ghastly experience. tried on a dress in karen millen and looked HORRIFIC!!!! Like an uphostered fat dentist (it had one of those chinesey collars). Have decided I need to lose half a stone by the christening (August) and another half by xmas

Have given up chocolate and am SOOOOO grumpy and cold turkey (was on a good 3-4 bars a day). Am trying to do sit ups and some cardio exercise every day - anyone else got any tips or motivation for me? suddenly (I've never had a bad body image before) I'm feeling quite lumpy and frumpy

Hulababy Sat 15-May-04 10:01:06

Good luck with it all Your targets are definitely do-able.

I have lost a stone since Christmas (did it in about 8 weeks). Just had a complete break from dieting until 2 weeks ago - put on about 3 or 4 in that time, but did veg out loads. In 2 weeks I have lost all of that anyway and I am hoping to lose about another half stone before my holiday in August. I have been trying to follow WW points. Only exercise I get is walking round town twice a week with DD. This second time round when I have less to lose and a longer time period I am only doing point counting during the week, and being more relaxed at weekends. Working so far.

WideWebWitch Sat 15-May-04 10:10:15

Squirmy, I'm joining too. Dd is nearly six months old now and I could cry, I'm so bloody fat. Actually, I did cry just now getting dressed. Am making a resolution from Monday (spending tonight in a hotel with dp so not today!) to give up wine, chocolate and dairy (again, used to not eat it). I'm a size 16, creeping up to 18 and it just can't go on, that's officially very fat in my book. Hey, at least they've *got* your size in Karen Millen! Think I may go to ww one night next week. Eek, this is officially the fattest I've ever been, I'm normally a curvy but perfectly healthy size 14 (and happy at that size). Nigella says in How to Eat that you need to work out why you're eating too much. Well that's bloody easy: life's a combination of v stressful and v boring and food is nice. <sigh>

gscrym Sat 15-May-04 10:17:29

Can I join too. Looked at myself in the bath and I just thought 'Shamu'.

squirmyworm Sat 15-May-04 10:25:35

great let's urge each other on - I need a hard kick every now and then to get my willpower back on track but get really miz counting calories or points as I feel hard done to an sulky if I do...

I'm five foot one and ten stone (was the same pre baby but knew then it was about a stone too heavy for my height). I'm stocky, chunky sort of good hardwearing peasant stock (sylph like would never be a way you'd describe me) big strong legs and arms and sizeable boobs and arse. Need to lose weight, tone up arms and overhangy c-sectioned tum and feel fitter.

it's a beautiful day so I'm off to the village with the squirmlet - should be agood start!

jac34 Sat 15-May-04 10:39:28

DH and I started a diet two weeks ago, and I also joined a gym.It was well over due though.I had gone up to a size 18, and I'm only 5f 1, so I look huge, but have lost 7lb's already and am wearing a size 16 trousers today, DH has lost one of his chins and can get in a pair of 34inch waist trousers, so we are getting there slowly.
I've been realy enjoying the gym and often follow it with a swim, then relax in the jucuzzi and steam room, which is my treat.
I feel motivated at the moment and determind to get back to the size 10 I was, before I had the boys.

Hulababy Sat 15-May-04 10:41:58

Might be worth keeping a food diary for a few days too to find out exactly what you are eating and drinking, at what times you crave sweet/fatty stuff, and if what you are doing/feeling affects what you eat and drink.

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