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Help my new super dooper diet/exercise regime!

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messystressy Sat 31-Oct-15 23:19:42

So, I need to lose the 'baby fat' from my DD. Who is nearly 4. Oh the shame! I was previously size 12, now size 16. I refuse to buy (many) clothes in size 16 so have three outfits to wear. I am really embarrassed by my weight - I used to be very active and didn't diet much. Now, I find it harder as I am either exhausted in the evenings, I have to work in the evenings and the running I was doing has stopped as I am too scared to do it when it is dark.

So, this is what I am going to do:

- Stop eating cakes, biscuits, chocolates and dessert
- Plan, plan, plan all meals for the week
- Twice a week (when I am at work, I will do a 500 to 1000 calorie day - extra in case I am entertaining clients).
- C25k three times a week, yoga once a week
- Less carbs, more protein
- 3 ltres of water every day (incl coffees)

I really want to work on getting toned - would pilates do this or should I try something else? I have to say, I am a member of my local gym but it seems my two most local gyms are full of aggressive gym bunnies who throw their weights around and intimidate me, so I don't go.

Foodwise, no snacks, no snacks, NO SNACKS! And this habit of NEEDING a dessert has to stop. I don't have sugar in my (decaf) coffee and I don't drink soft drinks but I do drink shedloads of sparkling water. Although probably not enough water.

I would appreciate any tips or advice or critiques - I am going to.stop being fat in 2016!!!

messystressy Sat 31-Oct-15 23:21:19

- Abd sleep minimum of 8 hours. I currently sleep 6.5 hours and am tired, which means reaching for bad food for energy.

AWONI Sat 07-Nov-15 21:44:43

Hi messy. This all sounds sensible and actually doable. How's it going?

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