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Stuck in a vicious fat cycle!

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KtLovesherboys15 Tue 08-Sep-15 16:52:51

Hi all, I'm in need of some tips or advice! I've piled on the lbs this summer, I now weigh 14st and am 5ft 5. I feel fat and uncomfortable like I'm finally full up, but I just can't stop myself eating. Ive stocked up on salads and vegetables with the idea of trying to change my habits, tho i still keep reaching for the treats or gorging on big portions. I don't even feel hungry when I eat I don't know what it is but I just fancy everything in sight. Everyday I think I've had enough and tomorrow I will start again but by the afternoon I'm snacking. I don't seem to have much if any willpower, saying that I don't have willpower for anything, as well as losing weight I've said for years il stop smoking but I struggle sticking to it. Anyway, I'm beginning to feel angry at myself, I hate the way I look. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror today and I'm beginning to notice how flabby my arms are getting it's really knocked me. I don't take much pride in my appearance any more, I never wear make up or do anything with my hair, I worry my oh will lose interest. I'm 27 have always been bigger but never this big. I have 3 little boys and never lost the baby weight from the first. I am quite active in the sense I do a lot of walking, I walked 3 miles today and that's pretty normal in a day.

Has anyone got any advice about how to motivate myself to actually succeed instead of finding myself at the bottom of a packet of cookies and letting myself down.

Thanks xx

SecretRed Tue 08-Sep-15 17:11:30

Sorry no advice but I feel the same as you although I am heavier. I've tried all sorts but can't get my head around it. Not much use I know but just wanting to say I understand where you're at a and how you're feeling.

KtLovesherboys15 Tue 08-Sep-15 17:33:28

Thankssmile sorry you're in the same place, I keep telling myself one day il do it but it needs to be today, I know it won't be. Its harder than it sounds losing weight, I can get my head around calorie counting and upping my exercise, but how do you stick to it! I just lose interest for the minute it takes to eat something yummy and that's it back to square one. I'm really gonna try again tomorrow and be as strict as I can with myself. Xx

Letmegetanamechange Tue 08-Sep-15 20:15:20

I'm the same, although with quite a bit more weight to lose!

I've lost a stone over the past 6 weeks by low carbing but this past week I've been baking loads and nibbling cakes/biscuits/icing when I shouldn't be! I can feel my motivation waning angry

The only thing stopping me is knowing that if I do quit I'm going to repeat the same cycle of gaining all the weight I lost and then another stone on top!

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