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Fallen off the wagon - how do I climb back on?!

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bluejeanswhiteshirt Wed 12-Aug-15 10:55:58

I was doing so well and lost almost a stone in 1 month. I felt great, looked good and had more energy and confidence. I don't know what happened sad

I just want to eat constantly. I want chocolate and crisps, fried food and fizzy drinks!

Help please? I need motivation to get my fat arse in gear again.

Hypotenuse Wed 12-Aug-15 11:06:48

I don't know but I'm the same, lost weight, felt awesome, now eating everything and put 2lbs back on.

I am determined today to eat carefully. I'm using my fitness pal to track calories. I am so far beyond my usual weight and even when dressed up I look awful in pictures because of it! Must lose weight!

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