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Eat yourself Slim (Michael Montignac method)

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Juliehafrancis Sat 08-May-04 12:25:43

I was given a book called Eat yourself Slim...and stay slim by this french guy called Michael Montignac for my birthday last year (There's a hint if there ever is one! Nice..NOT!) and after a heart to heart with my dp I have decided to try again and lost weight.
I need to lose a maximun of seven stone..i.e half my body weight and I was wondering if anyone has tried this diet or knows anything about it? i.e does it work? LOL and how hard is it to do?

Would appreciate any advice..for those of you who are intrested I will read the book and start the diet (if I think its a good one) and keep you updated on my progress of what I am eating and how much I am losing.

Hope you all have a nice weekend,

Jules x

Chinchilla Sat 08-May-04 13:03:47

Am I right in surmising that you want to get down to 7 stone??? How tall are you? A woman of 5'3" should have a healthy BMI at 9st 12lbs and under. I am that height, an must admit that I want to get down to 8st 7lbs, but no lower.

Whatever your dh says, don't get too thin, or you could make yourself ill. Plus, if you are not doing it because you want to, you will never stick to it. Have you tried a club? They are great for non-judgemental support.

Juliehafrancis Sat 08-May-04 14:51:21

Hi Chinchilla,
I am 4'11 so for height I should be around eight stone 12 ibs and lose around 90 ibs! Gosh it sounds so mad when I say that.
Don't get me wrong I really want to do it for myself too I just seem to struggle so much.
I have tried weight watchers but didn't really like it but may go back to it if nothing else works.

Thanx for the advice.

Jules x

prufrock Sat 08-May-04 16:43:20

It was the precursor of Atkins, and works on the principle that carbs make the body produce insulin, which then turns fat in the digestive system into body fat. So you must never eat carbs with fat. But it isn't a low carb diet - most evening meals are carbs (ie brown pasta with tomato sauce -lovely)
My dh does it, and it does work for him, but I think that is only because it is one of the few diets that fits with his lfestyle of eating in restaurants most lunchtimes. I found it hard work.

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