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How the hell did this happen?!

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DearFuckingGod Thu 04-Jun-15 12:11:37

I just decided to bite the bullet and get on the weighing scales. 6 stone over weight, more realistically 7 stone over what would be ideal. I can't believe I've deluded myself, I cannot believe I've managed to put 2 stone on in the space of a year. I can't believe I just had another bloody double chocolate chip muffin this morning!

It probably wasn't a good idea, I have to go to work this afternoon and I really just feel awful that I have to go out knowing this. Then it hit me that everyone's been able to see it for themselves that I'm so vastly overweight, and they are all too polite about it. I binge constantly, grazing all day. I'm. It even making much sense but I just needed to vent about this, and at least if I write I'd down I can't hide about the fact that this is the reality. Would love to hear stories of people who've been here and done something about it, or are just trying to start out. I think I just need to confront this, before I end up 6/12 months down the line horrified that I need to lose 7/8/9 stone.

juneavrile Thu 04-Jun-15 13:15:15

The most important thing is you've realised that you need to act now and that things will keep getting worse if you don't say goodbye to the choc chip muffins.

Do you have a plan? Do you feel like you know how to lose weight? A diet that appeals to you?

There's a thread on here for people who want to weigh in and report - sunday scales for summer (or something like that). That might be a place to start.

You can turn it around.

superbfairywren Thu 04-Jun-15 17:19:22

I have had a similar realisation! A few months ago I didn't really mind that I was overweight but now that it's summer and I can't wear what I want to I suddenly feel massive and weighing myself this morning found out I really am! I'm about 4stone over what I think is a healthy weight for my frame and probably 5 and a half stone over what is recommended for my height. Eep!

I have vowed to do something about it and this afternoon am feeling quite positive about shifting the weight and getting healthier. You just have to be positive and tell yourself it isn't the end of the world. There is lots you can do to get to a healthy weight that you are happy with. Start today and don't look back! That's what I am planning.

Eliza22 Thu 04-Jun-15 17:54:44

Can I suggest you look up some slimming world or weight watchers before/after pics. It's very encouraging to see how people have successfully lost large amounts of weight. It IS doable. Could you join a group? I do MFP and only have a stone to lose.

KatharineClifton Thu 04-Jun-15 19:56:59

A year at Slimming World and you will weigh what you want. It's not that hard. But seems bloody hard at times!

Didthistomyself Fri 05-Jun-15 12:10:47

Hi Dear. I had my 'lightbulb moment' a month ago and ended up crying hysterically to my GP blush I did know I was getting properly huge, of course (more like 12 stone overweight than 6) but it's amazing how much we can sublimate these things. I've taken my GP's advice and gone on a VLCD and have lost two stone so far, but for long-term will probably look at Slimming World. There's a thread on here with food diaries and weigh-ins and I love reading it even though I'm not on SW!

However you do it, you CAN do it. Set yourself small goals, 5lb at a time or similar. How sedentary are you? Getting a FitBit or pedometer can be good if you're the kind of person who responds well to gadgets and gamification.

May I ask what made you suddenly decide to get on the scales? Was there a particular trigger? If so, is it something you could write out and stick on the fridge or something?

DownWithThisTypeOfThing Mon 08-Jun-15 12:22:15

Would love to hear stories of people who've been here and done something about it, or are just trying to start out.

OP I'm at the beginning of this journey too. I'm obsessed with success stories - get on tumblr & instagram - thousands of them and so inspiring.

I knew I was "a bit big" but I was also very happy. Great life, carried the weight well (I still don't think I look as heavy as I am - might post a picture one day!) and had no real impetus to change. In my head, I'd have liked to have been size 8 but I also like cocktails, baking bread and stopping in cafes for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. I work hard. I don't smoke. I hardly go out drinking so I was entitled to munch a giant bar of wholenut & family bag of Doritos in front if the tv on a Friday night.

I've mentioned this on many threads but my lightbulb moment was ordering a dress for my holidays from a retailer which is usually quite generous with sizes. OMG I couldn't zip it up. And it looked awful. Gripped my spare tyre. I looked at myself in the mirror and just thought "no. Not having this". No idea why it was this particular moment which sparked it off.

Since then I've calorie counted with a vague nod to SW principles. I've lost about a stone in 6 weeks (would've been more but for an almighty boozy blow out last week). I've set myself a target of 2st by my holiday then another 2 st by Christmas. I'll review after that.

I've never been "slender" - I've always had big hips, large chest and muscly/sturdy legs. But I've never had this belly until the last couple of years. I'm not looking to be thin. I want to get 4st off then reevaluate where I need/want to be.

Some people find getting to the route of why they overeat is important. While I think at some level I've been rebelling against my mum with her issues, I've decided that for me the why doesn't matter. Acknowledging I overeat and do something about it is what matters to me - horses for courses though - you might need to understand your motives to stop yourself sabotaging.

Come and join the Sunday summer weigh in thread.

Toowittoowoo Mon 08-Jun-15 17:50:29

Are you feeling any better now OP?

peacoat Mon 08-Jun-15 20:44:36

OP you are not alone. I have put on 4 stone over the past 4 years. I too thought I looked ok but now realise everyone had been polite. I thought people who wore smaller sizes than me looked tubby. I'm bigger than them. Most of my clothes don't fit properly so I feel awful all day, but am loathe to buy new, bigger ones.

Silverstar2 Thu 11-Jun-15 17:37:13


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