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Exercises to minimise post weight loss saggy tum?

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DownWithThisTypeOfThing Sun 17-May-15 15:34:56

Hi all,

Three weeks in and I can see a difference. "The dress" which kickstarted this actually zips up now but is in no way flattering yet. Official weigh in is tomorrow but I'm sure there'll be another loss even though I've had my period which is normally a bloat and binge fest for me. My appetitie and cravings seem to have reduced significantly so at this point, I'm fairly confident I can keep this going for a good while - every time I am tempted to sabotage I think "well you can have that but that means the effort in the last three weeks was for nothing".

Anyway, given that I'm hoping to stay on plan for a while yet and hopefully lose a fair bit of weight, I'm thinking already as to know I can minimise saggy skin. I've already got that overhang thing but not sure if that will go as I lose weight or stay.

I'm eating plenty of proteins (always do). Due to a back injury last year I'm not comfortable doing impact based exercise and I'm also wary of weights as I'm not sure my back is strong enough again yet.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some exercises that will help me minimise the amount of saggy skin (what I've read so far is that eating protein and building muscle is the best way to prevent it) but which aren't weight bearing or impact based? I can swim well, but I'm not sure that will do much for my tum? Links to YouTube videos would be good.

On the other hand, tales of people who've lost 4+ stone and haven't ended up with a saggy tummy are extremely welcome - is it necessarily a foregone conclusion?

Thanks in advance.

FrankWelker Sun 17-May-15 16:06:35

I'm also worried about saggy skin on my stomach. I don't have huge amount to lose ( only 1 stone) but I'm losing it after 2 massive pregnancies. I've read up on it and it doesn't look promising. What I'm doing:
- losing the weight SLOWLY. This is especially key if you have a lot to lose.
- dry skin brushing daily.
- Bio oil twice a day.
- weights as well as cardio. The weights I do are not high impact.
- planks.
- Dermaroller monthly. This is painful!.
- Plenty of protein and vitamin supplements, cod liver oil. Just in case!
Don't give up. Mine looks ok so far with 7 pounds more to lose. I very very much doubt it will ever be like it was before my giant 9 pound babies though.

DownWithThisTypeOfThing Sun 17-May-15 16:23:40

I hear ya - two massive babies here but I stupidly didn't lose my extra padding acquired then gained a load more on top when I was incapacitated with my back :-(

Bio oil sounds a good tip.
Going to google dermaroller - never heard of it.
I'm scared of weights as I still feel very weak but then, I suppose it may be a way to get me stronger. Hmmm.

FrankWelker Sun 17-May-15 16:34:27

Mine are only baby 1 pound weights! Even my 2 year old can lift them. I do squats, chest flies, arm raises ( all different positions) for 20 reps three times a day. They do work! I am way stronger. My planks started at 10 seconds- after 2 weeks I'm up to 60 seconds easily. Could do it for longer buy after 60 seconds the 2 year old inevitably climbs on my back.....
The dermaroller has good reviews but I cannot lie- it HURTS. For the next 3 days afterwards, when my kids play with my doughy belly it is PAINFUL! I'm still sticking with it because of all the great reviews though.

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