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Tomorrow is the beginning of a healthy, happy life for me.

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HealthyChanges Wed 14-Jan-15 19:37:31

I am 24 stone, 14 stone overweight and I smoke 10 cigarettes a day.

I've had enough; putting my shoes on is a struggle, I don't fit in jeans and every item of clothing has holes in it because of how tight everything is on me.

I'm ready, my DM is joining me to help me with motivation and we are not only eating healthily, we are stopping smoking as well. I have bought an electronic cigarette to help me with this.

I used to weigh 10 stone 4 years ago, I've put all the weight on from comfort food binges and I have for no energy at all, I'm always falling asleep and I can't run up the stairs anymore.

I have never felt so determined, my DM is going to measure me and weigh me every week and document my progress.

I've done my food plans and I'm selling my car so that I have to walk everywhere.

I haven't been on this forum before and I haven't talked about my problems only to my DM so a big hello from me smile

hippospot Wed 14-Jan-15 19:45:30

Walking everywhere is fantastic exercise. Good luck with it all!

ProcrastIWillFinishThisLater Wed 14-Jan-15 19:49:17

Well done OP, it'll be very, very worth it. When you note your weight on the scales tomorrow, that'll be the very last time you'll ever see that weight - onwards and downwards! xx

Silverjohnleggedit Wed 14-Jan-15 20:28:50

Good luck!

twobambinos Wed 14-Jan-15 21:18:30

Best of luck op, the walking everywhere will really speed up the weight and inches loss goodluck

Marleyblaze Wed 14-Jan-15 21:35:33

Good luck, I am sure you will do brilliantly

bakingtins Wed 14-Jan-15 23:04:43

Good luck! Can I suggest you watch the Horizon documentary that has been shown over the last 3 nights as it had some fascinating insights into the physiology and psychology of losing weight, I'm sure you'd find it helpful.

Dowser Wed 14-Jan-15 23:20:52

Good luck you can do it. My cousin shed 20 stone doing Dukan diet and slimming world and took about two years. With exercise he didn't get left with flabby skin

toffeeboffin Thu 15-Jan-15 01:21:42

Good luck! You can do it! thanks

Lottapianos Thu 15-Jan-15 01:25:20

You can most definitely do it! You sound excited and determined about making these changes. I stopped smoking 2 years ago and have made some changes to diet and exercise as well and I feel a thousand times better for it. Life is about to get much better for you too. Well done!

Marleyblaze Thu 15-Jan-15 20:55:58

How is it going OP? Keep in touch, a bit of support should be very helpful, hope you have had a good start.

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