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Post baby weight loss success stories please

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j200 Wed 05-Nov-14 11:57:19

Hi I am after all your inspiring post baby weight loss stories and tips. Currently 31 weeks with my first and guess I'm feeling quite down about how I look. Of course baby is absolutely worth it and he comes first but I can't wait to feel good about my figure again. Any advice appreciated! Tia

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TheLittleOneSaidRollOver Wed 05-Nov-14 12:19:09

I am very fit. I got my body back.

The less you put on the less you have to lose afterwards. I have 3 DC. I put on less weight with each because I know how bloody hard it is to lose when sleep and time deprived. Sorry.

Rest as much as possible for the first six weeks. If you had a broken bone or a torn hamstring or your appendix out, you would need six weeks for your body to heal before you'd go out running. Same with the physical effects of pregnancy and child birth. The body must heal first.

Don't try to diet when sleep deprived. But don't stuff your face on chocolate biscuits either. Do online grocery shopping. Buy lots of healthy easy stuff. Don't have the crisps in the house in the first place. Make yourself a packed lunch so when you find three seconds to wolf down something, probably one handed, you've got something to grab that isn't biscuits.

Basically, make it easy on yourself to make good choices when you feel like shit.

Worry more about exercise than dieting.

I like that I can do some exercise for half an hour or an hour and it is done. It cannot be undone. I can hold the smugness all day, even if I later spend most of the day on my arse.

I can diet all day then eat loads of crap in the evening and I have undone all the day's dieting. Wasted. I hate that. It is more likely to happen when I feel like shit too.

Somewhere between baby's first smile and first giggle, start exercising. Just a walk outside with the buggy helps you both. Maybe do a DVD at nap time a few times a week. IMO classes seem like a good idea but are always a logistical nightmare.

Flattening my belly helped me feel more like myself. Try the Tupler Technique. It is bloody wonderful.

Nine months up. Nine months down.

j200 Wed 05-Nov-14 12:28:27

Congratulations on getting your body back and thanks for advice grin

Wish I hadn't eaten so much crap in the beginning but it's done now!

Aiming to not put on anymore fat for last 9 weeks by cutting out the chocolate and eating healthily!

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TheLittleOneSaidRollOver Wed 05-Nov-14 14:07:46

Good luck!

Be kind to yourself.

Getting your body back really is worth the effort. It is a huge emotional boost when you are feeling down. Feeling fat and out of shape is a right drag on mood.

sbs287 Wed 05-Nov-14 16:50:12

Best of luck! I'm 28 weeks with my 3rd and have just started a blog called the Six Year Blip to train myself into thinking that this extra weight I'm carrying is totally shiftable. I'm starting to blog now and am aiming for pre my first baby weight (3st lighter) in about a year... Stuff I did last time was that I decided to do post-baby slimming world when I was about 31 weeks, so then spent the next 9 weeks filling the freezer with totally fat free, easy SW meals to eat when the baby first arrived. That way I didn't need to cook and I could still stay on track. Drink lots and lots of water for the last few months of the pregnancy. And don't kill yourself... Set easy, manageable goals :-)

Redcliff Wed 05-Nov-14 18:06:17

I put on a whole dress size with my first baby (now 7!) and am now back down a dress size after my 2nd (4 months ) . I agree with everything the earlier posters said . Having easy lunch options like heathy ready meals or tins of soup has been great and trying to fit some exercise in even when your really tired. I started the couch to 5 k programme a few weeks ago and go out when oh is home . Also found some good fitness classes on you tube . Some of my mummy pals go to buggy fit classes and one has shelled out on a gym with a drop in childcare . I also feel that breastfeeding has helped - it's meant to burn 500 calories a day. Good luck !

bakingtins Wed 05-Nov-14 22:37:11

I put on well over 2 stone with my third pregnancy, not helped by being on steroids. You will probably be quite shocked by how your body looks post birth, but it does improve a lot with time. I second the suggestion to give it not a thought for at least 6 weeks, just concentrate on your baby and recovery. I've quite successfully followed SW after babies 2 and 3, after DC2 I joined and went to meetings, after DC3 I've just followed the same principles. I am 1 stone 11lbs lighter after 4m of healthy eating with another 8 lb to go. I'm breastfeeding which makes SW (or WW) less restrictive, but it doesn't work if you eat your extra calories as cake, and cake is everywhere at mum & baby activities. I walk a lot with the buggy (from necessity, have school runs plus dog walk to do) and I do 3 short gym sessions a week, taking DD with me. Being busy during the day tends to remove some of the temptation to snack. I always have protein plus salad for lunch, which is v quick to prepare, then home cook an evening meal. Things that can be prepared ahead when DD is napping are best, you can almost guarantee babies will be grouchy Klingons by tea time e.g. Bolognese, chilli, fish pie, and make double and freeze some for the day when nothing goes to plan. Try to meal plan and shop online.
I felt better as soon as I was taking some control over losing weight and getting fitter, it doesn't bother me that it's a slow process.

alvinareagan Sun 14-Feb-16 22:16:21

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