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SW - How many Syns for Muller Lite?

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Mandymoo Fri 01-Sep-06 20:59:53



josben Fri 01-Sep-06 21:03:15

Haven't done SW for a few years but I didn't think there were any sins in a Muller Light - Enjoy!!

fattiemumma Fri 01-Sep-06 21:03:58

i thought Muller lights were a free food?

but then thats maybe why im still fat?? hevent done SW for about 4 years so cant quiet remember

Mandymoo Fri 01-Sep-06 21:05:24

oohhh hope they are free!!!

karenj1980 Fri 01-Sep-06 21:21:00

toffee pudding - half syn
lemon cheesecake 1 or 1.5
apple pie - 1 or 1.5 - get confused with lemon and apple syn value
cherrybakewell 1.5

all the rest are syn free

enjoy - banana and custard is my fav

Deelyplops Wed 15-Mar-17 16:49:11

How many syns for muller lite yoghurts

GotToGetMyFingerOut Wed 15-Mar-17 16:52:40

Deely they are free.

ALemonyPea Wed 15-Mar-17 16:55:10

Most are free. They're 100ish calls though, and there are nicer lower calorie yoghurts than muller lights.

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