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Weight all going onto boobs..

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inflatableboobs Mon 31-Mar-14 07:47:18

I appear to be putting weight on rapidly (moved house & started new job all at same time & therefore haven't been doing my usual exercise for, oooo about 2 months now)- but quite apart from going up at least one dress size, my boobs have gone up about 3 cup sizes in the past two weeks shock

I used to have huuuuuge boobs before ds (32FF) and then they went down to 30C after I finished breastfeeding and started to get back into running. I loved having small boobs. Ones you could fit into pretty wisps of lace and way less than a handful.. They are now reinflating rapidly and I am gutted. Is it just simply because I'm not doing the cardio that I was used to doing and therefore just putting a layer of fat down everywhere? I assume that if I get back into my normal way of life (exercise, generally being fitter and healthier) the boobs might decrease again?

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