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10 days- how much weight can i lose?

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showerhead Sun 02-Jun-13 17:57:31

i'm unexpectedly meeting an old friend in 10 days time . How much weight can i expect to lose ? I will only be cutting back on food intake- i already walk lots and have no time for additional exercise in next 2 weeks. I'm not overweight but am at the upper most end of what is healthy for my height. Any quick fixes that may help?

thenightsky Sun 02-Jun-13 17:59:42

I lost around 8lb in 10 days in January doing the ultra low carb bootcamp run by BIWI on the weight loss threads.

EhricLovesTeamQhuay Sun 02-Jun-13 19:24:51

If you are just 'cutting back' without calorie counting then only a couple of lbs. why is it so important that you lose weight for this friend? Tbh whatever you lose won't show hugely.

eslteacher Sun 02-Jun-13 20:21:34

In just 10 days for the specific purpose of presumably a 'successful' meeting with your friend, I think how you feel in your own skin will be more important than whether you weigh a few pounds less. I think you should try to fit in 20m a day for the Shred (on Youtube) because you'll feel more fit and toned. And maybe use myfitnesspal to track your cals, eat good healthy food, cut back on bread, pasta, potatoes and rice etc.

showerhead Mon 03-Jun-13 18:50:16

thanks for the replies. Weighed myself today and had a shock- 4 pounds up on my usual weight - so that is coming off! I haven't seen this person in the flesh for nearly 20 years so feeling bit anxious. Today has gone very well . I'm going to eat 2 healthy meals a day and embrace a bit of hunger.
riverboat i've watched clips of the shred and don't think i could do it! However i do have tomorrow off work so might attempt it.

iamnowawhaticallmother Tue 04-Jun-13 14:39:20

hello! i lost 9lbs in a week on the cambridge diet. it all goes straight back on as soon as u eat a sandwich but worked for that week!

showerhead Tue 04-Jun-13 15:06:10

wow 9 pounds, that is inspiring. I'm down a pound already- probably all water but tummy feels less bloated so don't care what it is!

showerhead Fri 14-Jun-13 09:17:19

i've lost 4 ounces short of 7 pounds - it was actually 11 days in the end. I've very, very pleased. I know some is 'water' but my tummy is much, much flatter, face a tiny bit less full and i'm thinking my hips - which are my problem area- are a bit slimmer.

I did it by eating a lot less but i still ate several slices of cake (birthdays and work stuff) - albeit very small slices and i still had the odd biscuit. I'm especially pleased as I'm not very overweight so shifting weight is always harder. I did no more exercise than usual, oh I also cut back on wine, ate less carbs- but didn't cut them out completely.

Now how to continue as i'm getting bored? I'm thinking the 5.2 diet will work for me . Also i want to start exercising more which i can fit in on days when i'm eating normally. One thing i really want to keep up is no snacking.

showerhead Fri 14-Jun-13 09:21:23

i also lost 2.5 % fat!

ppeatfruit Fri 14-Jun-13 11:46:47

A quick way to lose weight (i lost nearly a stone) is to stop drinking coffee or normal tea you can substitute with herbals esp. nettle which actually is a diuretic. Though if you're used to drinking a lot of caffeine (coke and all fizzy high sugar drinks are included in the no nos BTW) you'll be best giving up on a day when you you can rest because it can give withdrawal headaches.

BTW eating a healthy snack when you feel hungry actually helps you to lose too grin

BsshBossh Fri 14-Jun-13 12:48:53

Good luck showerhead. I've had lots of success with no snacking and 5:2 fasting (weekdays only, not weekends) and continue to maintain my weight loss (68 lbs) this way.

showerhead Fri 14-Jun-13 17:55:12

thanks ! I'm feeling inspired now and am going to keep it up. Love the feeling of not being overfull anymore ! And if you can lose weight and still eat cake every week then that's a great way to diet!
Good tip about the drinks btw.

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