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Exercise points ..... Yikes

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Crystaltips Wed 24-May-06 22:34:40

Total POints allowed : 19
Total Points used : 19
Exercise points earned : 8
Bankable points : 4

Doesn't this mean that I can have a treat of up to 4 points.

I tried to put a treat in for 2.5 but it said that I could only bank 1.5 ......

does this truly mean that it is only worth doing 4 points of excercise per day ??

so technically - 4 of those points are wasted then ..... ?


andyrobo237 Thu 25-May-06 12:57:37

I was always told to do the exercise but try not to use the points for food, as it boosts your weight loss. Having said that it kinds of defeats the object of exercising if you are going to use it to have a bar of chocolate as you won't burn up all the calories of a bar in 1 hours exercise (unless you do some gruel trainng session!!). Losing weight is a mystical combo of reducing your calorific intake and upping your expenditure of calories (ie by doing exercise) - rather like a credit / debit system - must have been developed by a man as it doesn't take into account those hormonal fluctuations that mean you need chocolate nowwwwwwwww!!!!

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