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Can I combine 5:2 with limiting calories on non-fast days?

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sallycinnamum Wed 03-Apr-13 11:05:11

I've been losing and gaining the same 5lbs for the last 6 months and I'm at a loss what diet to follow now.

I tried the 5:2 last summer and although initially I lost weight, it piled back on during the non-fast days.

Lately, I tried MFP and again, I lost and gained the same 5lbs again.

I need to lose a stone to get down to my ideal weight of 10 stone and wondered whether I could combine 5:2 with limiting calories on non-fast days. I'm not talking about VLC but on non-fast days sticking to 1200 calories instead of the 1330 MPF is currently set at.

Pre 40 and pre children I could lose weight with very little effort but it's much, much harder now.

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