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NOW, or NEVER, no EXCUSES thread part 4.

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Tortoise Fri 29-Mar-13 11:02:06

Here we are, thread 4 grin .
Time for me to have a large kick up the arse and lose weight! (After Easter!)grin

Tortoise Tue 16-Apr-13 07:25:15

I was thinking of having a fast day today but I've woken up really hungry!

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Tue 16-Apr-13 14:34:45

Icb that made me laugh! I hope you're feeling better.

Checkpoint, that's plenty of time for you to make a difference.

This morning I watched the first part of 30 day shred! I am feeling ill at the moment so not ready to do it. I went to he doctor as I've had stomach cramps since friday and some constipation. It's just a virus but combined with my already quite low blood pressure I've also been feeling nauseous and dizzy. Doctor has told me to rest for a week and come back if I don't feel better. Gah, i'm trying to be more active not less.

Anyway despite feeling like crap I am eating healthily and am feeling like I can lose the weight. I have bought some size 10 trousers from eBay to further motivate me. Only 8lbs til I reach target BMi of 25. I want to be there by 1st July.

ICBINEG Tue 16-Apr-13 14:50:26

ohh! that is almost exactly what I had last week.

My advice is to get on the anti-constipation meds asap. wink

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Tue 16-Apr-13 15:21:26

No need, I now have the opposite problem!

ICBINEG Tue 16-Apr-13 15:38:20

ohhh dear...that's not much fun either!

TheHumancatapult Wed 17-Apr-13 08:11:13

oh dear johnny upside think of the weight losswink

checkpoint yup slow and steady you can do it

first fast days are hard but i do find it helps

am sticking with it so far and think heading back into swing of it the need for sweet stuff calmed down .though still got to go workout after dc left for school.Hoping good loss this week

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Wed 17-Apr-13 11:27:11

Finding it hard to eat as well so let's hope weigh in will be a good one!

Human I feel the same, dds Easter chocolate doesn't seem that appealing to me so apart from being poorly I think I'm getting back to normal. I'm sure you will have a good loss it always seems to be the way that we have a few days off, we put the pounds on, and then lose them quite quickly.

ICBINEG Thu 18-Apr-13 11:07:16

Okay this is just unfair!

I still fecking LOVE chocolate. Less than a week a go I ate about 12 of my mums praline seahorse thingies (she didn't want them - I am not that awful) and was like...are there any more?

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Thu 18-Apr-13 12:11:31

Sorry about that icb! I think the difference is that I don't inherently enjoy the taste of chocolate (apart from a bar of cadburys bournville that can last me weeks) but on some level have a sugar addiction. So when I do stuff like scoffing chocolate as I was doing last week it was uncontrollable and not very satisfying. My taste preference has always been savouries so give me crisps and bread any day.

Although food of any kind would be good at the moment. Still feeling sick, think I managed about 700 cals yesterday and even that was an effort. Went to bed with a bucket next to me!

cookieowner Thu 18-Apr-13 12:23:39

Hi everyone
I am now back from my holiday (amazing experience!!)
so back on the diet as was far too much food eaten over the past 2 weeks!

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Fri 19-Apr-13 11:35:05

Hello cookie, where did you go? I had a couple of days in Brighton but I'm sure yours was much more interesting. Hope you're managing to get back into it. I went a bit mad and ate everything in sight. Fortunately my eatings ok again thanks to a bug and a tiny bit of willpower.

I hope everyone else is well too and looking forward to the weekend. We'll probably have a quiet weekend just going to the park.

cookieowner Fri 19-Apr-13 12:01:53

I went on the Disney Fantasy on a caribbean cruise , it was so cool!
Ive always wanted to go, ive been to parks a few times but this was first cruise and i want to go again already!
It was a lot of food though all day long if you wanted ( and 24 room service too on top)
So i havent weighed as got back sunday and so will wait til next week in hope it isnt too bad, but wont be good im sure
We too are having a quiet weekend as need it after past 2 weeks for sure

TheHumancatapult Fri 19-Apr-13 19:30:35

cookie that sounds like lot of fun

Dives in this weekend am doing nothing if i can help it been busy week .But have stuck to the diet smile so hope will come of

TheHumancatapult Fri 19-Apr-13 19:31:21


right now i could eat and those seashell things are gorgeous

CheckpointCharlie Sun 21-Apr-13 08:03:12

What a lovely day! It is soooo nice when it is sunny. I have eaten really carefully this week and have seen no weight drop off!?!?!? Grrrrrrrr.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Sun 21-Apr-13 14:49:52

It is lovely today. We went to the park this morning and a local cafe for lunch. I had a lovely chicken schnitzel baguette with salads for lunch. I hate the way that eating out is so carbs based, I'm sure my baguette had hundreds of calories but it was the healthiest looking thing on the menu. I'm almost better now and have eaten practically nothing all week so for once I'm not too bothered with calories. I'll be very upset if I haven't lost the 1 1/2 lbs I put on last week if not more.

Checkpoint, well done for eating so well. I have had a couple of weeks where I have eaten really healthily and lost nothing, try to keep going and you might see a bigger loss next week. Or if you're really bothered start weighing foods again, just to check you're not eating more than you think.

Cookie your holiday sounds wonderful. I am very envy.

TheHumancatapult Mon 22-Apr-13 06:39:26

Checkpoint i agree weather really makes a differance .Hmm hoping scales moved this morning .Are you drinking enough water to ?


Yes i am finding it tends lean more Carb heavy or with mayo

ok after last week gain of 11lb after two bad weeks( one hospital one holiday ) .I am down 10lb shock so only 1lb heavier .Think lost must been that eaten gluten and not enough water those two weeks

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 22-Apr-13 07:52:16

Yay human! That's awesome.

I also have good news. Down 2.2 lbs to 10 st 10.8 lbs. Only 5lbs from target! (but I think I'm going to have to reduce target. I still have a big tummy and waist). Next week I'd really like to be 10 st 9 as that would make my loss 3 st in total.

TheHumancatapult Mon 22-Apr-13 07:55:48

way to go Johnny

hmm it may that dirty word exercise needed to target certain areas But yes i lowed mine from sitting between 10 and 10- 7 to sitting between 9,7 and 10 stone

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 22-Apr-13 08:28:11

Yes you're right, I do need to do more exercise.

I've been doing pilates but can't do it for a few weeks so looking for a course on a different day. I'm slightly scared of doing abs as I have had a bad back before so I definitely want someone to watch me rather than watching a video or doing it on my own at home. I've been looking at personal trainers and they're so expensive and increasingly they try to teach you about diet too andi don't feel I need to pay someone to do that.

<goes off to google local classes>

ICBINEG Mon 22-Apr-13 09:45:47

Well I am puffed up like a puff ball today...some sort of a reaction to some medication I I am not using todays depressing weigh in but my midweeker....which was:

9 st 11 and a half...down a pound or so from last week.

I have decided to just do two more weeks on the diet. Otherwise I am afraid it will never end.

So the rules for the next two weeks are NO MORE SNACKS. and exercise EVERYDAY.

It is warm enough to attempt running that should help.

ICBINEG Mon 22-Apr-13 09:46:41

human Ha you beat my prediction by 2lbs!

Nice one!

ICBINEG Mon 22-Apr-13 09:47:57

Nice one Johnny!

Oh we so near....

TheHumancatapult Mon 22-Apr-13 10:12:30


im now not on diet as such using 5/2 .and any proper diets are short term eg this last week just because of two bad weeks

Exercise 5 days a week will be staying but that is health befits not diet reasons , but if any reason can not do will not beat myself up about it either

cookieowner Mon 22-Apr-13 11:21:08

OO well done , everyone seems to be getting close to their goal , I am still just half way!
weighed and am just 2lbs more than i was before holiday so amazed and really pleased and motivated to carry on now to lose more
2 stone down and 2 and a half to go

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