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Anyone trying to lose baby weight (particularly if breastfeeding)?

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EarnestDullard Fri 16-Nov-12 12:30:49

I thought 2000 because I'd usually aim for about 1500 to lose weight, plus 500 for the BFing. I'm currently eating about (well, at least) 2500 a day and my weight is staying about the same.

I've got a double buggy but so far have only used it as a single (pram), with DD1 walking, for short trips. I should really get the second seat out of its box and give it a go!

tb Thu 15-Nov-12 22:34:27

2000 cals I would think is the minimum you need - after all it's the average daily requirement without the b/f calories you need on top.

Some of the stone and a half is bound to be fluid I would have thought. I'd stick to what Jahan's doing, without trying to lose weight which could be counter-productive and not so good for your dd possibly.

As for exercise, buggy pushing during a brisk walk inbetween feeds if possible? If your toddler is on a toddler seat on dd2's buggy, I would think that would be sufficient exercise - makes my thighs, bum and stomach muscles ache just thinking about it.

Jahan Wed 14-Nov-12 18:01:30

Yes me!
My baby is 4 weeks old and I've joined a thread here that's titled 30 day challenge as I thought it would help me to kick start my weight loss.
I had a c section so im not exercising yet but plan on walking with the buggy a lot. Im thinking of getting those shape up/toning trainers.
Im breastfeeding too but im not counting calories. Im just sticking to healthy meals, fruit for snacks, 1 small treat and plenty of water.

EarnestDullard Wed 14-Nov-12 16:58:10

DD2 is 6 weeks old and I have at least a stone and a half to lose. With DD1 I did exercise DVDs while she had her morning nap, ran at the weekends, and counted calories. This time though, with a baby who doesn't nap as reliably or for as long and a toddler, the exercise in the week will be more difficult.

I'd like to stick to about 2000 cals (I know that's a lot, but I'm BFing) and exercise at the weekends. I'd love to exercise on weekday mornings or evenings but I'm still up once or twice a night with DD2 so I don't yet have the energy.

Anyone in a similar situation, or advice from anyone who's lost their baby weight under similar circumstances?

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