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smoking/drinking and eating: its one or the other! How to break the cycle?

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fiventhree Tue 13-Nov-12 16:27:48

I gave up smoking 8 weeks ago, using Champix initially.

At the time I gave up, I weighted 12 st 2. Also, I was in the habit of usually drinking about half a bottle of red wine 5 evenings out of seven, on average. To support my smoke free mission, I gave up drinking as well, as I have found in the past that if ever tempted in the early months of giving up to have a cigarette, it is after a glass of wine or a row with DH, who still smokes.

So far, so good. I did have in mind to lose a bit of weight after all this has bedded down, and have been feeling quite pleased with myself, whilst carefully avoiding the scales. I am quite motivated to stay off smoking.

I have now weighed myself and have reached a stunning 13 st 4, meaning I've gained over a stone in 8 weeks. Since I was overweight to start with, I'm really not happy about it.

Has anyone else had a habit of bouncing from smoking cessation to weight gain to smoking, and back again?

I really, really want to stay off the smoking this time- my doctor has advised it, and I am 52, so it is high time.

Any advice, and anyone want to join me?

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