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It has been suggested (by Dr) that I lose about 2 1/2 stone

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iknowwho Mon 05-Nov-12 09:57:46

...and I don't know where to begin as mad as that sounds.

I have my sliming word book that I got from my one and only attendance at the class but it seems too complicated. I am a veggie and just seem to eat and eat!!! (I've worked out this is why I am fat grin
I can't seem to get my head round the fact I need to shift weight but seem clueless about how to do it. I mean I will be ok for a day or two and then maybe have a slice of cake thinking that won't do any harm and then when they pass biscuits round I think, well it's only a biscuit - what's the harm?

I am going to circuit training at lunch time and then out for an hour on my bike.

I'm rambling away with my thoughts here but struggling.

What I want to know is who has had a lot of weight to lose and manage to get to grips with it after failing for years. What helped?

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 05-Nov-12 10:04:45

Join us on our motivational Monday thread!
I'm just like you, but have lost 5st since last July by logging EVERYRHING I eat

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 05-Nov-12 10:06:00

I am 33 have been overweight all my adult life and this is pretty much the only time I e been able to stick to it

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 05-Nov-12 10:08:22

But tbh you'll get loads of people recommending what works for them, as I have smile you need to find the thing that works for you and stick to it

FrightRunScream Mon 05-Nov-12 10:21:54

Ok, I am going to be very boring and tell you what is working for me, but I gave several similarities with you OP.

I also need to loose 2.5 stone and am also veggie. I started going to Slimming World at the end of September and had lost 12.5 pounds in the five weeks up to last Thursday. Really hoping for a stone on Thursday, especially as it is my birthday!

As a veggie, I have found SW Green plan v straightforward as lentils, most Quorn, pasta, eggs, rice and jacket spuds with beans are all free- these are the foods I mostly eat anyway. Main changes have been no bread, cooking in Fry Light rather than oil and Alpen Light bars instead of cake with my afternoon cuppa. And I walk miles and miles with DD in the pushchair when I get the chance (4 yo DS not so keen) and also go to circuits onceva week. I run for 30 mins when I get the chance - maybe twice a week.

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 05-Nov-12 10:24:29

Well done fright smile
I struggled with sw as I binge. If pasta is free I would eat it all the time. And dinner would be a huge plate of pasta - maybe 200g of dried pasta (cooked, obviously). I am Crap.

fatlazymummy Mon 05-Nov-12 11:32:55

I am a veggie who has lost 60 pounds.
Basically I just cleaned up my diet - smaller portions,cooking from
scratch,emphasis on 5 a day [fruit and veg],no ready meals/ takeaways.
I still had the odd treat such as a biscuit or piece of cake,but I learnt to stop at 1 or 2!
I stopped eating crisps and things like mayonaisse,coleslaw etc [used to be my downfall], I was already teetotal. I cut down on bread and chose wholemealor granary when I ate it.

TalkinPeace2 Mon 05-Nov-12 15:58:54

5:2 intermittent fasting
eat your normal meals but only on five days a week
and record exactly what you eat to find out what you eat too much of

savedbygrace Sun 11-Nov-12 07:25:36

Good luck with whatever you choose..........

I'm giving old fashioned calorie counting a go..........(Rosemary Conley) - coupled with exercise.

No gimmicks....... just old fashioned dieting. I've lost lost 4st with Slimming World - got another 4st to go .... but needed a change - so that definitely works too.

cinnamongreyhound Mon 12-Nov-12 00:18:53

I've lost 5 1/2st just by reducing portion sizes and cutting down on junk food, I didn't buy anywhere near as much as I had before. I limited chocolate to the small Cadbury bars 110calories each and low calorie hot chocolate to help with cravings. I use mfp to count calories but you have to be honest! Perhaps do a week of logging EVERYTHING you eat and that may give you an idea where you can cut down. I found I was very hungry for the first 3 weeks but then got used to the reduced calories and was actually satisfied after meals and now can't eat the portions I was regularly eating, I've actually learned to leave food. Personally for me I didn't want to go into a big group of people and I found it quite uncomfortable when people started noticing my weight loss. I also didn't want to do any plan/specific diet just wanted to eat what my family ate and be able to have what I wanted when I wanted it. Now I've learned to eat smaller amounts and to not go overboard with junk I eat more treats and am able to then modify the rest of my food for the day to make sure I'm not over indulging. Good luck with your weight loss journey.

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