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Advice needed- finish line in sight!

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peachypips Fri 02-Nov-12 17:56:34

Hi all,
I'm looking for some help and tips please. I put on a lot of weight with my second pregnancy (6 stone!). I have never put on lots before and over the last 18 months have lost loads. I started at 15 stone 7, and am now 10 stone 12. My goal is 9 stone 10 (my normal weight ish).
Anyway, my problem is this last stone. I keep putting on a pound, losing a pound, then putting it on again. I'm not at a plateau, I just keep eating crap, then feeling guilty and dieting, then eating crap etc etc.
I have been doing weight watchers- it's the only one that I like (have tried the other main two). What I need is tips to keep going without breaking the diet for the last stone. I seem incapable of sticking to it now the end is near!!!

mameulah Fri 02-Nov-12 23:50:04

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so impressed. I hope you are remembering to feel really good about yourself. As someone who has lived lots of years losing three stone, putting on three stone, losing three stone (you get the picture) I am really inspired. The best advice I can offer you is to say positive things to yourself about what you have achieved ALL OF THE TIME every day and maybe to up your exercise. In the past I found that two spurts of exercise at either end of the day gave me the boost I needed.

Also, our baby is due any day now and then I really am going to have weight to shift. Probably about four stone, at least. How are you getting on with the pro points? I have done traditional points in the past, and tried other commercial diets but I think WW is the one for me. If you have any hints of tips for me I would really appreciate it.

And well done, you have achieved SO MUCH, don't forget that.

frootshoots Sat 03-Nov-12 09:41:09

You sound very similar to me, after my pregnancy I rejoined WW at 15st 9lb after having to quit when I fell pregnant (lost 1.5st before I fell pregnant)

My goal was always 10st though, I wanted to be 10 on the scales and 10 on the tags grin

The last stone in terms of motivation was so hard for me, and I pissed about a lot. I had to step back for a week and look at how far I had come. Having been fat all of my life I wasn't about to give up then! You just have to knock down your wall, there is a reason you aren't shifting the last stone whether it be complacency as it was in my case, or fear of hitting your goal and then having to maintain it, or not hitting your goal at all. Just bloody go for it! When I actually put in the effort I should have been with that last stone all along it melted away, I was losing 2+lbs each week until that stone was gone. My leader was shocked as she was so used to people losing half pounds for that final stone.

The feeling you'll get when you hit your goal will be like no other, I was walking on air for days!

It's cringeworthy but true, nothing tastes as good as getting to your goal will feel smile good luck!

peachypips Sat 03-Nov-12 13:46:24

Thank you so much guys- you are both so right. frootshoot that had given me such a boost. It is def complacency and pissing about going on here! I need to really knuckle down and just go for it. Being the right weight really does feel better than any food could taste. I need to put in more effort defo. Will save ur message to refer to in future!
mameulah I think I do need more exercise as well as commitment. I like the propoints as you get less, but a chunk to spend weekly so you can have a takeaway at weekends! I tried slimming world but didn't like the fact that I couldn't really eat my normal foods, and also I lost less weight. Something that helped me but isn't conventional is that I gave myself a week off my diet every stone and a half so I didn't get totally sick of it and depressed with point counting. I also pretended I only had a stone to lose and then when I lost a stone concentrated on the next one. Good luck with ur birth and everything!! Thanks for ur help x

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