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Despairing at babyweight after 3 DC in 4 years - any ideas for weight loss?

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FrozenNorthPole Thu 25-Oct-12 21:51:16

Before having my children I was about 55 kg (am 5'5") and now, after my third child was born eight weeks ago, I am about 74 kg. I would love to get back to the low 60s or thereabouts but don't have any idea where to start. I'm breastfeeding so feel hungry most of the time, and I don't have many opportunities to exercise outside the home as DH is away with the army. I cannot bear to look at my stomach at the moment, and feel immensely upset that I have let this happen. It's enormous sad. And yes, I know this is a first world problem blush but I can't help it.

RottenLuck Thu 25-Oct-12 22:20:44

What worked for me after 2 DC was plain old boring weight watchers and exercise. You get a lot more points as a breastfeeder and you do not have to go hungry especially if you can afford to eat plenty of fruit and veg. Exercise is a bonus, it means more food (and wine!) but even an hour of walking a day will get you more points. It's doesn't work for everyone but it worked for me. A major thing was to have a date in mind, say Christmas time, as an inventive to keep you motivated. Good luck.

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