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I need a kick up the bum. Repeatedly. With pointy shoes.

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TigerFeet Wed 03-Oct-12 14:27:31

I'm desperate to lose weight. Desperate. I'm about 5 stone overweight, size 20, with an extremely flabby stomach and massive arse and norks. I don't want to be a flabby size 20, I really really don't, but I've been stuck here for years.

I've tried everything over the years, different weekly slimming clubs, gym membership, low carbing, all sorts. I've probably completely buggered up my metabolism.

My problem is this - compulsive eating. I don't binge to the point of feeling sick but I graze all day, constantly. I try to keep to healthy snacks, carrot sticks, fruit, etc etc but if there's anything in the house even remotely outside that I'll just hoover it up. I can't buy food type Christmas pressies in advance as I'll eat them. Multipacks of crisps, biscuits etc supposedly bought for my children, all gone.

It's always worse when I'm unwell as I crave sugar to a ridiculous degree. I've been fighting off a cold and throat infection for the past couple of weeks and I have fallen spectacularly off my latest wagon.

I was referred for CBT earlier this year but nothing has happened yet, I ought to chase it up really but feel oddly apathetic about it, almost as if I'm not ready to let the eating go yet. I feel slightly panicky at the thought of restricting my intake, rather like I did when I was about to give up smoking and only had a couple of fags left. Funnily enough I cracked the smoking years ago but appear to have replaced the fags with food.

Not sure why I'm posting really. I'm sure I come across as a bit of an oddball - surely it's easy - eat less, do more. I wish it were that easy for me. I suppose I'm hoping that someone will come along with a magic pill that will stop me from stuffing my face.

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

GeordieCherry Wed 03-Oct-12 15:25:02

Hello Tigerfeet

I recommend this book:

It talks about the head stuff to do with eating as well as giving a new way of eating so might work for you.

If you're not ready yet, then you're not ready and maybe CBT will help with the motivation?

Good luck!

TigerFeet Thu 04-Oct-12 11:36:25

Thanks GeordieCherry I'll have a look at that.

Yes, I need to sort the CBT. It's been 6 months since I was referred.

GeordieCherry Thu 04-Oct-12 20:50:53

Good luck! Let me know how you get on smile

BobbiThePanda Thu 04-Oct-12 21:17:35

TigerFeet. Apart from the massive norks, (I'm jealous!), I could have written your post word for word. Same dress size, same amount to lose, same struggle with diets and sugar etc. Don't feel like an oddball!
I haven't got any advice but do follow up on the CBT. When I asked my GP for help I was told that because I'm not underweight or bulimic in our area they don't consider my issues serious enough to refer me. I was devastated. I've got high BP, and I'm scared I'll be headed for T2 diabetes too if I can't get my weight and my eating under control.
Good luck!

You could be me op. I've managed to get from a 20 to an 18 but now all my motivation has gone. Desperately trying to get it back before I end up back where I started sad

Babieseverywhere Sun 07-Oct-12 16:00:15


First thing to remember is that you are a pretty, stylish woman, a good mother and an excellent friend smile That is what people see when they look at oddballs here.

You know what to do to lose weight, but why beat yourself up if you are not ready yet ?

You know I understand, I have been far bigger than you for countless years, being nearly over size 24 last year. I must of spent most of the last decade eating or thinking about the next thing I will eat..sometimes at the same time, LOL ! Ditto hoovering up any and all food in the house.

I reached the end of my line last year as you know, triggered by something my young daughter said and like a switch had turned on in my head, I knew if things didn't change I wouldn't be there for her in the future.

Now I am on a lifelong attempt to get healthier and I fall 'off the wagon' couple times a week but it doesn't matter, as I am getting healthier on the other days and this will be a life style change for me not a diet.

Interestingly as I get lighter (still far too heavy) my sugar cravings and the uncontrollable need to eat all the time, are fading. Now I can get right up to a meal time before I think about food. Hopefully your cravings will fade too.

It would be a good idea to chase up the CBT classes, just to see when you are likely to be offered them. You can always defer them, if you don't feel ready.

If you are still logging everything you eat on the WW website, maybe consider changing your goal to 'maintaining weight', then there is no pressure to diet, just continue to log your food intake. Just writing down what you eat, can help you make better decisions...well it helps me YMMV.

Sadly battling a food addiction is so hard, as we can't just cut food out of our lives. We have to limit what we eat daily and that can be impossible some days.

But dust yourself off and remember tomorrow is a new day and you will achieve your goal one day, I have faith in you. smile

shineonucrazydiamond Thu 11-Oct-12 11:18:45


I can identify with the compulsive eating. I have managed to lose weight and am currently 9 stone 4 and a size 8 or 10. I was a lot heavier last year and a good size 18. I'm proof that compulsive eating can be overcome but it isn't going to happen to you without you forcing the issue!

You have to take a first step. My advice would be to stop grazing all day. take control of this. no need to graze and snack, even if it is carrot sticks. Can you pledge and commit to one day? as a start? and on this one day you will just eat three times a day. Three proper meals of around 400/500 calories a meal. And you will not eat in between.

Try it. Dig deep. You can take control of yourself and you and you alone decided what goes in your mouth.

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