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Haven't lost any weight for 2.5 weeks on swimming world - why?

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LovingTheSunshine Thu 20-Sep-12 21:06:02

I started SW at the beginning of August & so far have lost 1 stone (5lbs, 3lbs, 4lbs & 2lbs) & then was weighed Monday of last week & had put on 0.5lbs. I am going to get weighed in the morning but my own scales (that seem to agree with SW class scales) show I have maintained. Why am I not losing when I have stuck to it religiously? Today I have had:
Breakfast: blueberries & Muller light yoghurt
Lunch: medium skinny latte at Costa (milk aloowance from Healthy Extra A choice plus 2 syncs for extra milk) & fruit (banana & nectarine)
Dinner: tomato pasta with chicken breast & 1/2 tin of mushy peas that needed eating up followed by a Cadbury Curly Wurly (6 syns)
Snacks: grapes & a nectarine
Any clues?
Thanks smile

amistillsexy Thu 20-Sep-12 21:24:13

You are certainly not eating enough to stay healthy, and you will soon get demotivated if you are feeling hungry.

You are not eating foods that will fill you up and make you feel satisfied after eating, and will possibly be having sugar spikes and dips throughout the day.

I can't expplain why you haven't lost weight, but I do know that if you don't eat enough, your body will go into 'starvation mode', and hold onto anything it can. It will also crave fast sugar hits (like Curly Wurlys!).

Have you re-read the booklet to see if you are following the healthy eating advice? It might be a good idea to start over again, and follow the advice given, planning to eat regularly throughout the day so that you don't get hungry and tempted to eat the wrong foods.

LovingTheSunshine Sat 22-Sep-12 20:07:16

Thanks for your reply, I think I have been getting super free & free foods mixed up a bit & possibly eating more free at meal times. I'm currently making a massive tea with tomatoes as I am so hungry...only having a skinny latte & fruit for lunch is not enough. Thanks again smile

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