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Need to cut the sugar and work out - but lacking motivation

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juneau Wed 07-Sep-11 17:35:40

I gave birth four months ago and have lost all but about five of my pregnancy pounds. However, I'm looking like sh*t and it's really depressing me. My thighs and bum are all dimply and flabby and I have a really unattractive belly roll that I'd love to get rid of. My belly was nowhere near this bad after DC1, so I'm really disappointed that I look so awful this time. I've rejoined the gym and been going to pilates to try and give my body a bit of strength and tone back as I've had a lot of back problems during and since pregnancy. I'm EBFing, which has really helped with the weight loss, but it makes me ravenous and I've got into a horrible habit of eating biscuits and other sweet treats. I'm going to have to stop buying them aren't I? And do some more lively sessions at the gym (note to self: buy new sports bra and trainers).

Anyone else in the same boat who feels like motivating each other?

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