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I'm not pregnant I'm fat.

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Sparetyred Thu 25-Aug-11 13:48:29

Someone has again asked me when I'm due :-(.

DS2 is 2.5!!!!! They.weren't being ridiculous, I do look pregnant. I'm about 2 stone overweight but it is all on my front, from below the bust down.

I'm the same weight as I was pre children but it's all moved.

I'm about 2 stone overweight and have recently lost about half a stone and will hopefully keep going.

But surely there must be something more specific I can do about the non-baby bump.

This whole tunic trouser look isn't helping either I fancy!

JustLea Thu 25-Aug-11 15:50:38

I know how you feel! Even though I havent been asked when Im due or anythin, my Grandad recently made a comment about me lookin like Im carryin a sister or brother for my Son...who is 11 months old. It obviously upset me as I know I have put on weight since my Son has been born but I have long-term SPD and exercisin leaves me in agony. Anyway, because of my SPD my exercises are limited to mostly sit ups which is suppose to be really good for a non-baby bump! Also, any other ab/stomach exercises. I went on to you-tube and found videos of different types of things I could do.

Best wishes

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