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Need to lose lots of weight

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mumof3boys01 Wed 20-Jul-11 21:35:41

hi really need to lose a lot of weight currently weigh 24stblush gained loads of weight while i was pregnant and still gaining it now. DS is nearly 1 i have propally gained 8st in 2 years.Has any one lost a lot of weight,and how what diet etc. I have PND and comfort eat a lot

foreverondiet Thu 21-Jul-11 12:28:36

Have you discussed with GP? I think you need to resolve the PND and the comfort eating before you worry about dieting.

I have lost 3.5 stone but thats not a lot really...

With the amount to loose that you have you need to choose a diet that you can stick with in the long term. Or how about Paul McKenna (train your mind only to eat when hungry).

What sort of diet appeals to you?

OverweightandUnderpaid Thu 21-Jul-11 17:26:27


3 years ago, i was approximately 20 stone, and at 5ft 7ish was a size 24.
In less than a year, i got down to 11stone 5.

I would in no way advocate the way i lost weight. I was extremely silly and basically restricted lots of calories and exercised more. I lost weight quickly, but was left with lots of saggy skin and stretch marks, plus i was left feeling so weak and actually passed out a couple of times.

When you lose weight by restricting calories like that once you go back to eating 'semi-normally' the weight will just come flooding back on. I put on 2 stone again in the space of as many months. And then i'd lose it, then put it on again, then lose it, etc etc etc.

I'm a binge and a comfort eater, and i need to get to grips with the reasons why i eat so much, try to identify the triggers and basically change my whole lifestyle.

Also, i thought losing weight was going to be a magical cure - i was sure i'd be happy and confident once i wasn't obese...but that wasn't the case. I still looked in the mirror and saw an obese person, and my self esteem was, if anything, actually lower than what it had been before. I think that was because i hadn't dealt with the issues of why i'd been binge/comfort eating.

19 weeks after having my first child, i now weigh approximately 11stone 9 (i think my scales weigh me a few pounds less than i actually am - good scales!) but i want to lose a stone, maybe a stone and a half. But i'm still struggling with the binge eating. At lunch i had 5, yes 5, slices of buttered toast blush

I've rambled and been no help at all, but i think i'm saying that underlying reasons for the comfort eating need to be dealt with - as they do in my case.

Good luck to you; i know it's not easy. x

EightToSixer Thu 21-Jul-11 17:44:24

Have no real suggestions, but I'm about to start a healthy eating and exercise regime to lose about 8 stone. I don't want a caddy diet because everyone I've seem
N do one has put the weight bacon, so I'm going with a lifestyle change and lots of healthy food.
Sorry I don't have more advice, but happy to handhold and share tips with you as time goes on if that would be a helpful thing.

kayleigh1985 Sat 23-Jul-11 17:50:29

Hi ive been working out for just over a year now i have about 8lb left to lose i exercise 3 times a week but it all goes down hill at the weekends as i eat biscuits and crisps general junk and the odd glass of vino, any ideas how i can curb these munch fest? i would really appreciate any ideas


mumof3boys01 Sat 23-Jul-11 21:53:32

Thanks eight a handhold on the way would be greatsmile I have decided to try SW as have a local group which is what i need.Also going to try and go swimming a few times a week as a bit of exercise may help with the PND always feel really great when i make a effort to exercise,had a lovely walk with DS this week and felt on a high after.

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