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I need to exercise... advice or feel free to join me =D.

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MetalSian Mon 11-Jul-11 13:37:50

So... My DS is 2, I think it is about time I actually try to get rid of extra weight.

I am 20, around 5 foot 2/3 inches and weighing 9-9.5 stone.
Yes I am in healthy BMI but I am fed up with being the dress size I am.

I went up from a bottom half size 10 to size 12. And a top size 8 to a size 10. I was very slim before DC, weighing between 8-8.5 stone and my stomach went in instead of out =[.

I quite honestly am not bothered about my top half, just the giant bottom and thighs. Dropping back to a size 10 trousers is my aim, and to be a bit more toned =D.
I do not want to change my eating that much.
I am not super unhealthy but I enjoy what I eat.

SO I need exercise, everyone seems to love the 30 day shred so considering buying this dvd.
Not got much money though so no matter how much I want a Wii or a Kinect for my Xbox that is not going to happen ;P.

Anything you can suggest? I seem to lack motivation... I skipped (jump rope) for 10 mins 6 days a week a few months ago and got bored after two weeks [embarrassed]. And I have an active two year old to look after so gym, or going out for a run is pretty much off the cards.

So I need ideas? And maybe even exercise buddies. =D.

foreverondiet Mon 11-Jul-11 21:32:26

30 DS is good (you need handweights), but would be impressed if that alone could enable you to loose your extra stone. But yes start with that, ideally moving up to doing both level 2 and level 3 each day.

TBH I have a wii including balance board and 30DS is just as good.

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