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Has anyone had real trouble losing weight after having a baby?

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Giggle78 Wed 17-Nov-10 20:20:10

Hi there,

Has anyone found that after having a baby its been harder to lose weight?

DS is 16 weeks old. I have been hitting it hard since he was 6 weeks old exercising for between 8 and 12 hours per week. This has been a mixture of work out DVD's (I love you Davina) and something called P90X, exercise classes, HIIT running, Buggy fit, swimming.

Then I've been eating like a fitness model!! (Not looking like one though!!) Between 1200 - 1400 cals a day which includes protein shakes.

Surely the weight should be flying off? I do look and feel better but I've only lost 5lbs in 10 weeks. Its getting quite demotivating.

Has anyone else had an experience where it was hard to lose weight at first?

(Please someone tell me it was hard and then one day the weight just dropped off!!!)

carrielou2007 Wed 17-Nov-10 22:22:12

Weight fell off me after having dd prob as she never ever stopped screaming or slept so I lived off my nerves and was a size 10 by the time she was 10 weeks.

With ds I lost a stone and could not lose one more flippin pound?? Bit older (37) and BF them both, joined slimmin world when he was 4 months, now he is 9 months and I am 4 stone 2 pounds less (I like to eat when pregnant grin!!)

Good luck!!

Giggle78 Thu 18-Nov-10 12:10:27

Thank you CarrieLou.

I know that it is just consistency and losing weight usually takes longer and is harder.

Congrats on your four stone weight loss in five months that is something to be so proud of.

I've just done my yoga workout and I'll just keep going!!

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