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July 2021- Dare I get excited

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whatthehelldowecare Sun 29-Nov-20 23:18:27

I know no one knows the answer to this and it's a guessing game for everyone, but I'm due to get married at the end of July next year (in Scotland). This is our third date after a bust venue and then Covid. We've said we're definitely not postponing again. I had completely resigned myself to us having a small wedding, but with ever positive vaccine news I'm starting to get a teeny little bit optimistic that we could actually have our day as planned.. 80 day guests and an extra 20 at night in a castle in the outskirts of Edinburgh. How are other July brides feeling, am I daft to be holding out hope?

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EdmundElephantIsACleverClogs Wed 02-Dec-20 21:47:48

I'm in Scotland too and we are getting married in August. Original date and we won't be postponing it. From what I'm seeing today it could be summer realistically before everyone is vaccinated. I'm thinking now I'm going to need to go for a guest list of around 40ish and be happy with that? I keep thinking if I finalise them numbers for 100, then pay buses and travel, invitations for 100 then it can't be that then I'll be kicking myself for wasting all that money sad

whatthehelldowecare Thu 03-Dec-20 07:43:48

@EdmundElephantIsACleverClogs 100% agree with not wanting to spend money you don't have to. Our first venue closed down (after we'd sent out all the invites etc. and I stupidly got them all reprinted with the new date and venue. Then Coronavirus happened and we have to move again. Everyone just got a text this time round and we're using favours with the wrong year on 😂

We've already paid everything so can wait until nearer the time, but the uncertainty is driving me crazy!

What's your venue?

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walkerboot Sat 05-Dec-20 00:21:44

End of July 2021 here too after postponing from May this year. I'm starting to feel slightly more optimistic with the positive news recently, but then they also said Christmas would be normal earlier in the year so I'm trying to manage my expectations! I so hope they can go ahead as planned!

whatthehelldowecare Sat 05-Dec-20 09:20:54

Yeh agreed! Everyone keeps asking and all I can say is that l'm cautiously optimistic.. 😂 keeping everything crossed for you!

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Isteamagoodham Tue 15-Dec-20 18:47:28

I'm a bit hopeful. I'm getting married on the last Saturday in July. Ours wasn't a covid reschedule. We got engaged and booked the venue back in 2019, we always planned to have a 2 year engagement, which turned out to be quite lucky! My venue now has no Saturdays left next year!

I think my wedding will happen, but I don't know if it'll happen as a normal wedding with our full 60 guests.

QueenAnnaOfArrandale Fri 18-Dec-20 22:21:08

We are the end of August & have cut our guest list down to 40 (for day & night) immediate family & a few close friends only.

I've spoken to our venue this morning and they said at the moment they are hopeful for more than the current 20 guests by after Easter but obviously understood why we wanted to cut back the numbers so much and not risk being disappointed nearer the time if things don't change much.

It wasn't a covid rescheduled wedding either we also booked in 2019.

It's been playing on my mind all week again because I feel like extending furlough etc isn't a great sign that next year is going to be quite as relaxed as everyone hopes it is.

I would rather be a bit pessimistic now and get used to the idea than be disappointed nearer the day. I just hope my family who aren't being invited understand that I don't want to keep living on the hope I can 100 people there 😂

QueenAnnaOfArrandale Sun 20-Dec-20 08:23:27

Op I think 50 might be the most you can have, sorry if that's not what you were hoping to hear but I think best case scenario is tier 0 which in Scotland is 50 guests.
I spoke to our venue about it last night and they have said this is what they are hopeful for in the summer.

Guests still have to wear masks in tier 0 (I'm gutted about this) but I'm going to try to have as much outside as I can, hoping the summer weather is good to us!

I feel glad to have found this out though, it's given me a realistic expecting of what's going to happen and I think that's better than not knowing.

whatthehelldowecare Tue 22-Dec-20 09:09:48

@QueenAnnaOfArrandale yes agreed, especially with the developments over the weekend. We're currently looking at plan B 🙈 my sister got married on Saturday and the mask thing was just awful - the venue staff were constantly in making sure no one had switched tables and the best man was forced by the venue to circle hourly with hand sanitizer... think we'll switch it up to a small intimate garden ceremony at home, and then have a big bash at a later point.

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