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Same sex wedding

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mummywingingit Wed 08-May-19 10:05:17

My best friend is going to Florida to get married. They have decided to go just them and the two children.

Me and two friends are wanting to put together a gift pack for her to have in her wedding day, so it feels a bit more like her wedding day.

The gift can't be too heavy for luggage allowance, so no glasses, mugs etc.

Any suggestions what would be a nice gift to have on the day? Has anyone married abroad just them, and had a nice gift that you would recommend


Also needs to be for two women marrying.

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LittleBlonde27 Wed 08-May-19 10:12:50

I think an "Emergency Kit" would be lovely - hair grips/blister patches/plasters/mini hairspray/stain remover/oil blotting paper etc, a nice card with a heartfelt message, maybe a garter or sixpence for her shoe and a gift card to a fancy restaurant for them to use while they are there?

chocolatebuttonsandcheese Wed 08-May-19 10:14:49

The old fashioned something old, something new, something borrowed. Something blue

juneybean Wed 08-May-19 10:18:14

My friend bought me lovely prosecco jelly sweets and love hearts and we ate them in bed on the evening (we had a very relaxed wedding day so weren't pissed!). Could you do edible things like that?

Kiltartan Wed 08-May-19 10:18:59

Well, I think the 'emergency kit''s usefulness will depend on the kind of wedding they are having -- blister plasters and stain removers may be contextually off if they're having a casual beach wedding in shorts. What do you know about what kind of wedding they're planning?

mummywingingit Wed 08-May-19 20:59:44

Sorry I should of added...they are marrying and then going off to a theme park to have fun! They are wearing converse

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