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hiring tablecloths for marquee wedding party

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NEScribe Fri 16-Jun-17 14:42:32

Really stuck - so figured this is the best place to get any help/tips.
Relatives planning a diy wedding hired marquee and tables/chairs from a company and due to mis-communication, it turns out the table cloths are not included.
So - not in budget and the recommended table hire company are quoting almost £250 (20 tables 6ft long which will be joined to make 10 tables of 12ft long).
I could make tablecloths but even from a trade supplier the cost of this much decent fabric would be probably the same or even more - not to mention all the sewing involved.
Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions for reputable but low price hire companies for this sort of thing?
BTW, they are trestle tables. I found some pretty cheap thick paper tablecloths but although you could get away with those at a marquee party I really don't think advisable for wedding.
Thanks for any info asap!

Playdoughcaterpillar Fri 16-Jun-17 14:45:16


ILookedintheWater Fri 16-Jun-17 15:08:47

You could buy hotel quality tablecloths for 250! Was the hire quote including napkins? they are what usually makes the cost high! Was there a fancy dressing on the tables as well as the plain linens? overlayers can add up.
I've had a quick google and there isn't much today, but you should be looking out for pop-up sites that sell on ex-hire or ex-hotel linens. You'll get everything you need much cheaper even than hiring and can sell it on again afterwards.

NEScribe Fri 16-Jun-17 15:31:52

pretty expensive on there. Have actually found a hire company which looks very reasonable.
Anyone come across them - Ace Occasions? Say they deliver nationwide .
Thanks again!

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